Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And some more

Ok, So, three photos from the PRA I was mentioning before. There are more but I don't have the time to post all. I just think the one of me holding hands with one of the girls in the front of the room is too funny since it is so aid worker poster child shot of aid worker communing with the masses kind of shot. Too bad I'm not white since that really would make it perfect.

Me on the desk is typical of me in a community meeting. What you can't see in these photos, and maybe I should just stop being lazy and find a photo, is the amount of people we had there that day. 200 plus. So, being on a raised platform, not so bad since everyone can hear you (the translated you) and hear each other since I made everyone come up to the raised platform (why o why am I hestitating from calling it a stage? Stages remind me of weddings, and elocution competitions, and just...I don't know, too much pomp and all that jazz which I really don't want to relate to)....

By the way, photo credits go to my CoCo (country coordinator) who was visiting us that week and I took him out there and he has a fancy camera and a pretty good eye and I told him to photograph me since I had no photos of me to send home and I had no camera with which to take photos of myself. Plus, I hate taking photos in a community meeting...and I hate taking photos of myself since they are close up and I think the further away and more blurred I look, the better.

By the way, that aid worker poster child photo, my mom looked at it and when speaking to her on the phone, when I am MILES AWAY FROM HOME, she said, man, you got fat. Thanks Amee. I am hunched over, god damn it....anyone would look like a chunky monkey in that pose....plus, I didn't know I was being photographed and that material I am wearing is a little sticky and you know what? Im a country where people will tell you without blinking an eye if you are fat, dark, ugly, breaking out etc....everyone I knew from last time told me I had lost weight. Not that I care, but still.

So, just stopped being lazy and now have two photos up that give an idea about the crowd we had there. So, five photos in total. The guy in the blue shirt is my Senior Field Officer and then there are two Field Officers there and we will be hiring all of those women in the front I was talking to since they were just fab and we need community mobilisers and volunteers.

Since this meeting, we have done the PRA and it was just lovely and now the real work begins....to which I shall now attend.

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