Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Two photos

Not from Sri Lanka, but right before, from my one week in London where I got to spend time with both my sisters which was nice since the three of us had not hung out together in a while. One is of me breaking out into a spontaneous Aamir Khan dance move with the only spurt of energy I had left in my after I was tricked out of bed for dinner which i was told was not a far a far walk away, but lo and behold, I was with Sakina, which meant her idea of far was so not the same as my idea of far. Far flung is more like it. And do note that in JULY, I had that many layers of clothing on since summer seems to have forgotton London was on the map and it needed to stop and say more than hello.

The other one is one I took of Sakina with the only camera we had, a disposable one, when we were on the train on the way to the airport and we had to stand the whole way since it was soooo full of people. Funny story that we ended up passing my sister and brother in law who managed to get on the wrong train and thus had to get off to switch trains (their flight was earlier than mine and since I was dwadling, they left twenty minutes before we did...yes, the irony), and since the train was so full, they could not get on. Saks and I had the best place in the train, right by the window and we could lean on the wall and my luggage. Anyhow, doesn't she look cute with the one book she had with her 24/7 in London?

I have two more photos from that trip to the airport, but that is another post and another story.

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