Sunday, July 01, 2007

What happens when you leave the country...Or, there's NO place like home; a heart warming story of why I love America

You miss things like this on tv, not that I would be watching America's Got Talent anyhoooo, but still, at least I would have heard about it. Shame on you my two sisters for not making me watch this on YouTube since we end up watching ALL others sorts of shit when on Skype for 18 freaking hours a day. David Hasselhoff is a judge?

It's this dude from Pakistan living for the last 6 years in the states and he dances the first two minutes (in good boy gear, like dockers and a light blue collared shirt and those good desi boy black shoes and thick white socks) from Aik Pal Ka Jeena. He's about the size of Hrithik's extra finger. And he says, I quote:

"I'm da best, since I can do ispecial moves"

I am not hating on my desi peeps, I'm just saying it like it is. The crowd LOVES it and he makes the next round. Spoiler alert!!! Oh, am I supposed to say that before I bring you the stunning conclusion of the whole three minute clip? It's my bad.

More spoilers, which are not really spoilers since you'll say that same exact thing as soon as you watch the clip in about four seconds, he says, My name is Kashif and the judges say, so Kasheeeeef, blah blah blah...So, let's try this simple exercise, that even David Hassels could follow along with, shall we?

Kashif, as in, you shift a car into gear, Kasheeef, as in, a sheaf of papers.

Also, and this is not spoiler behavior since we all already think this, Jerry Springer, (Brits can look here to see a cross cultural reference that fits the Jerry Springer bill and Americans can look here and here and here to see how the Brits once again try to emulate and fall short even when it comes to emulating our bad taste, thanks to Clody for introducing me to day time Brit TV and translating the English everyone was speaking and to Clem, my amazing GFG (Gift From GOD) flatmate who was an enabler and helped me feed further into the addiction)...where was I? Right. Jerry Springer, as I was saying, is an asshole. And again, Jerry Springer is on the show? Why not Dennis Rodman too? Anyhow...

You go, Kashif! You go, boy. You got heart and I love it. America is in-sourcing the talent now. (yes, yes, I know they have been for a long time, I'm a second gen immi, I was just attempting some wit).

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