Thursday, July 05, 2007

Islamica News

So, one of my absolute favorite websites, but unfortunately not up and running as it should be since 2004, but they have archives which make me LOL and LOL and then LOL some more.

Like this photo with the headline:

Muslim Doll Found Indecent in Toy Chest.

Or this article (original found here) and posting below for your reading pleasure. Issues Controversial New Fatwa: Declares Every Other Website Haram
Sunday, October 10, 2004 - 07:36 PM CST | Issue 8

KARACHI, OH - Some time after Fajr this morning, Websheikh Angree Mufasaa warned his website visitors that surfing other websites is now considered haram.

The fatwa also outlines a new "e-Shariah" form of punishment for violators of the ruling.

Punishments include "virtual stoning e-mail" forwards, directing violators to a page that plays a "whiplash" audio file and restricting broadband violators to 14.4k dialup speeds.

News of the e-fatwa ruling drew varied reactions from the online Muslim community.

"This is terrible, my site traffic has really taken a hit," stated a visibly-disturbed owner from competing website "What next? What if he declares himself the e-Khalif?"

Others, such as 14-year old Waleem Fuzail applauded the decision.

"There's so much fitnaa and bidaah and haraam and kufaaar out there," stated the passionate youth. "His site has none of that. He just has one page with big red letters that say "HARAAM" and his fatwas are listed below. I really aaplaaud what the Imaam is doing for Islaam."

Another site regular stated, "I really respect the Websheikh. He's visited just about every link on Google for the keyword 'islam' so he's very knowledgeable. I guess I'll just have to make my default homepage and make sure not to click on any of his banner ads."

I feel like I need to make these disclaimers though I think I am making them anyway but let me repeat. I am NOT the author of most of the funny things on my blog and I do credit where I know where to credit the stuff (re: Bollywood post since people seem to think I wrote it even though I said, I don't know who wrote the list of 45 things. I only wrote the paragraph on the top of it). Also, I think all of this is LOL funny if you are 29, South Asian, grew up Muslim in America and have a sense of humor.

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