Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I'm a loser who is hooked.

The depths of my loser tendencies are abysmal since I am hooked to the YouTube version of America's Got Talent. I suppose I could google the show and see when it comes on (does it still come on?) and what ever happened to the people I am stumbling upon on YouTube, how old the stuff I am watching is, and what happens after they get the three ok's from the judges? I mean, when is the big show in Vegas and how much of that do we see and how many people get to go? From what I am seeing on YouTube now, that show is going to be continous one month long show.

This guy was way too good to not post. I have a weakness (just fact, as soon as I typed the word, weakness, I acknowledged it) for southern accents. I love country music...which is what I thought this guy was going to sing, but no. He sings another song. And not in a southern accent.

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