Thursday, July 05, 2007

BBC News Story

Indian Woman Strips in Dowry Row.

A woman in western India has stripped to her underwear in public to protest over alleged abuses from her husband's family for not providing a dowry.

Her in-laws were questioned by the police and have been released on bail.

The low caste Hindu woman shocked residents of the normally conservative city of Rajkot in Gujarat state, by her half naked parade through the street.

Women's groups say her case highlights the plight of women who continue to face abuse at the hands of males.

'Extreme steps'

There are reports that the 22-year-old tried to set herself on fire a few days ago demanding the police take immediate action against her husband and in-laws, who she alleged had been physically torturing her for a dowry.

In an interview to a local TV channel, Pooja Chauhan justified her action saying she did it to embarrass her husband and in-laws.

Although paying and accepting a dowry has been illegal in India for more than 40 years, it still goes on.

Official estimates show that every year almost 7,000 women are killed by their spouses and in-laws because of inadequate dowry payments.

Ranjana Kumari - who runs a refuge for victims of dowry and domestic abuse - says the law enforcement authorities need to be more active in tackling the problem.

"It's a shame that women are driven to take such extreme steps. The law enforcing agencies must be more active," she told the BBC News website.

A police inspector in Rajkot, SS Jhala, told the BBC that "swift action" had been taken against Ms Chauhan's family, who had been arrested and were now on bail.

Police have denied reports that they charged her for indecent behaviour.


Anonymous said...

Here are the arguments which make her a suspect.

1) Why she did not go to court and file a case? The law against dowry is so strict in India that the accused husband, his parents, sisters are considered "Guilty till proven innocent" and it is non-bailable offense. This is the most misused law in the country. In 2005, more than 166 children are jailed under false cases of dowry harassment.

2) She wants to harass her in-laws as she wants them to be arrested without providing any evidence.

3) Why she did not file a case under PWDVA (protection of women under domestic violence act)?

4) Why she is carrying a baseball bat?

Because she wanted to harass her husband and in-laws. The motive may be extortion of money.

save indian family


Save Family

Poonam said...

I must say the anonymous person who has commented just before me is dumb!

The woman paraded naked only because police was not registering her case for so many days..and she was literally living on streets after being sacked out of her house by her was a desperate attempt on her part to gain support. Also, think how much desperate she must be to succumb to this indignity. In India, it is not an easy thing to do. :(


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