Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I went to Amsterdam right after major stuff for school was like in...ummm, May, I guess...first week of May. I went for four days to go and see my incredibly lovely friend Alka and photos of everything I saw are below. We left the house once. Or, I should amend that. *I* left the house once. It was toooo good to be living with Alka again. She and I used to live together and we do it well. I was pretending to study for looming exams so she would go and grocery shop and cook me lovely things and once I made something (she loves my chicken rice), and other than that, we stayed indoors, she had an outside rooftop on which I could smoke (and then it got cold so I just started smoking in the house) and we watched movies on a big screen since she had a projector and we just talked and laughed and I had an amazing time. Everyone likes to raise their eyebrows and say, OH, you went to AMSterDAM....I should have just told everyone not that I went to Amsterdam, but instead, I went to Alka. The one time we did go out and walked around (she knows amazing places there, by the way, she DJ's as well as doing everything else she does...when I knew her back in the day, I wanted her job which is why I think I have ended up doing dev work the way that I do), anyhow, so when we went walking around, she would point stuff out and I was just like Uh huh, ok, and after a while she was like, you know what? This is nice since you don't really care about what we are seeing right now and you seem quite content just randomly walking around.

It was fun to walk around randomly. It was even more fun to finally watch Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle the way one should in homor of the movie and Amsterdam...I have seen that movie about six times and never the way one should and that was fun. It was Alka's first time watching that and also watching Rang De Basanti....I love both movies.

I saw these tulips too which mesmerized me. They were submitting beautifully to gravity.

There are tons more Alka stories but they will have to wait. I want to be at a party that Alks DJ's. Maybe she can DJ my birthday party!!! In Sri Lanka.

My favorite Alka stories have to do with the time when both of us were unemployed and living together properly for the first time. We would leave the house at midnight and walk home at 7 am from whatever bridge we could find that would take us from Manhattan into Brooklyn. People I hung out with in London will never believe that about me. Alka is still that rock and roll.


Iqbal Khaldun said...

Love it, love it. All very stream of consciousness... hehe

Alka said...

I just read this post...and its all true. Especially the part about how I did all the cooking and was also nursing a terrible cold at the same time. Zehra was the best medicine one can hope for, not to mention this girl and I could have fun simply by being in the same room together. three cheers for Z!!!