Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ah, L-o-n-d-o-n, London.

Back and I like it. There is something nice about being back here. Perhaps since it is only for a week and I am seeing familiar places and familiar faces. I am sitting on the second floor graduate lounge at SOAS where I have spent many a morning, afternoon and evening, reading, studying and sleeping. Great to catch up with my sister as well. All the panic of leaving has subsided, thank god, and thanks for supportive messages (zo) and one of my bags is lost at Heathrow...or in NYC. not really sure. It's the bag with all my clothes and more importantly, all my underwear in it. Oh well. The being zen about everything in life starts now since this is only the beginning of things that will go wrong and it is pointless to get pissed off about it. It's just stuff and one needs to be careful what they wish for since I was saying shit like, who needs stuff, I hate packing, I hate things, etc etc and guess what, Z, now you don't have any stuff so nothing to bitch about anymore.

Me in the grad lounge. More later. Briefings later on this week and I am actually getting some work done on my thesis which is nothing short of a miracle.


Saks said...

you know some of us lost stuff in that bag even though we didn't bitch about ur packin.. grrrr... two pairs of shoes!!! not one.. two! zen shen!

Anonymous said...

losing shoes is a sin dude...u can't do that!!!