Saturday, June 23, 2007


So, I am indeed back home and done with London and it was all very lovely, but not as lovely as coming back home, which is always lovely (I can say that now, though there used to be a time when it was not lovely, lucky me), and I made some awesome friends out there and barely wrote on my blog while I was there but I am headed back to the land where I started blogging, Sri Lanka and I did end up getting a job, a little faster than I thought I would but again, managed to be at the right place at the right time and best of all, just found out that Emma and Byron, who are featured with photo on my blog, here, and have their own blog here, are going to be in SL with me. Hooray. I also, JUST figured out that the weird button that looks like an old fashioned diaper safety pin on the top of this text box is a little button to insert websites into the text of my blog in the cool way everyone else does. Any inserted websites you would find earlier on my blog were done painstakingly by going into the publishing part of my blog and cutting and pasting and deleting and rewriting stuff which now I feel stupid about. So, now I can insert shit into my blog willy nilly like so and so and so. The three sites that I am most on these days.

I need to write my dissertation of 10,000 words before I go off to SL. I like the topic and it is an economic one and a conflict one (DDR stuff, which you can go here to read more about), and shadow networks/economies and there is a whole host of people to read on that topic.

I am actually in DC right now for a wedding so I need to go and get all dressed up and maybe I will take a photo and post it here but for the meantime, a recent snap so that you all can see how much my hair has indeed grown. This was from the last time I was home. I am steeling myself for the inevitable comments I will get in Ampara from everyone I used to work with who will say, Zehra Madam, Why did you cut your long hair since now you look so ugly. Yay for the straight talk and zero vanity one is allowed to hide behind with polite words.

Much love and empty promises to write regularly.


Mustafa Qadri said...
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Iqbal Khaldun said...

Oops used wrong name ;-) Where was I... Thanks for the plug! Good luck with the essay, I have a 15G due next Monday happy days, here we go... What type of work will you be doing in Sri Lanka?