Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pimp My Blog

That is what I have done and I keep saying I am doing it in order to learn about new things etc so that I can do this all in Sri Lanka. Giving it a face lift now so that I don't have to do it on dial up. At this rate, I won't be even able to download the front page of my blog since dial up is going to choke and die before it let's me see any of the moving images and fancy shmancy pants (not underwear, I mean trousers, all you Brits) stuff I am attempting...poorly attempting it would seem given the post below. On my screen it is too large and obscuring my stuff on the right hand side.

I can enjoy all this for now but I think there will be a quick deletion of anything that will take up too much dial up energy (that means anything that is typed, actually), before I go. So enjoy it while it lasts. I think I am coming down with some sort of an infection. My right eye hurts and won't stop watering and I keep sneezing. Ugh. I also can't seem to stop posting pointless blogs. I think I might be ill.

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