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My uncle is visiting from Pakistan where is a he a journalist and though we are not talking about this story about a same sex couple in Pakistan who are out on bail (woman had a sex change but still medically deemed a version of Boys Don't Cry, I suppose), we keep talking about the flooding there and today at lunch (Lunch is not something we normally do at our place and it is really funny since my mom and I now need to take afternoon naps since we have a full on lunch, normally I skip lunch or have fruit or cigarettes), but we finally did some partition stories and started out by talking about memory and how different people have different stories for the same thing. We had different opinions, all four of us at the table, on partition, the past and present of it. What India and Pakistan are today, the status of Muslims, the relationships between Hindu's and Muslims etc and my mom was saying, given what she has done in her life and the places she has lived, she could never live in India. She can't live in Pakistan either anymore. I would not want to live in Pakistan but can totally see myself in India for a few years, no problem. I think part of that is because I want to be able to get a better grip on my past. When my other uncle talks about partition, he is adamant that it needed to happen. He was in college in Aligarh at the time. I am of the belief that it was a mistake. My dad says the same thing. It was a mistake. Neither my father nor I were young adults in India as it was back in the day. My dad hasn't even gone back, actually since he left as a toddler. I didn't even really grow up in South Asia though I am an active diaspora member.

Why is it that I feel the need to be able to understand partition by living in India. Duh, I think as soon as I stream of consciousness type that out: It's because Pakistan got carved out of India and India was the motherland and it was the treatment of Muslims there that made the Muslims want their own land. Both my parents were also born there and so much of me feels so much more connected to that place than any other in terms of the question "where are you from, no New Jersey is not an answer even if you were born there, where are you really from?"

Sometimes I refuse to answer questions and just say Brooklyn. I've said it ad nauseum now, but when overseas, no one even blinks when I say that and in fact, look properly satisfied with that as an answer.

That's cuz I am a bad ass.

This is obviously a much longer conversation that I will get to slowly slowly slowly on my blog. What I meant to do was talk about the same sex couple. But I think the link says it all.


Farrukh Raza Rizvi said...

Those who have options to choose places on earth to live other than Pakistan, can easily say that partition was a mistake. Living in a country that offers opportunities, better living standard and security, would definitely be the choice of any
individual. May be, if i would get any opportunity to live abroad, i would avail it. But, does living in a better country mean I should condemn my country ?

If Pakistan is not a better place today, does it mean that its creation was unjustified ? If a number people are corrupt, and do not perform their duties, does it mean that partition was a mistake ? If Pakistan were a better place to live, only then partition was justified ?

The number of people who criticize/condemn Pakistan is very large (reasons may be any). I have noticed that those Pakistanis who dont believe in the existence of Pakistan, are mainly of two types.

(i) Those who have better options to live. They fly to their dream-lands.
(ii) Those who can do nothing, and have just learnt to criticize. They dont believe in hard-work, and do not contribute their share to make Pakistan a better place.

I think it is the duty of parents to plant a sense of patriotism in their children. According to me, it is a moral duty of parents. Is there anything like 'loyalty' ? A person who is not loyal to his land, would he be loyal to his parents ?

Whether or not partition was a mistake, is a long debate. But Pakistan exists on ground today, its a reality. I personally believe that partition was necessary. Those Pakistanis who dont think so, should accept the reality at-least now, and should contribute their share in making Pakistan a better place.

Sometimes i think, if partition was a mistake in 1947 A.D., was the creation of Medina a mistake in 622 A.D. ?

Ishita Kaul said...

I can't say whether the partition was good or bad or even necessary?

what I gather is that at the time it took place there were a majority of people who were in a place where they could easily influence the masses. To me it largely took place due to power struggles within the Congress. Had the majority listened to Gandhi the partition might hav enot taken place.

Reality check it did take place, was it for the better? No i don't think so. South Asians have so much in common and now we are divided on the basis of what? In my 22 years, not a lot, I know, but i have met many people who say the Hindus and the Muslims definitely had their share of problems with each other but communal violence never broke out before the British came. We may not love each other but we had learnt to respcet each other. The Biggest example of these were the Rajput princess tying Rakhi's on the Muslim rulers. Akbar a muslim ruler but still known in India as the most secular ruler of all time.

On a personal note Z, I feel you could fit in India or any where else in the world, as long as you chose it to make your own.

Nationalism or patriotisms are not necessarily good things, they work in a specific context and are as most people tend to forget very much based on the idea of exclusiveness.. What is necssary is to love ones country but also have a genuine respect for other cultures and people. Being Sri lankan or Indian or African is great, having love for one land is great but never at the expensive of being derogratory to other cultures. One can be a proud Indian but an Indian who is proud and respcetful towards the Bangladeshi and the Pakistani is what is needed more..

wow that was a damn long one.. hehehehe... Personally i think the partition was a mistake.. My land kashmir is suffering cause of this.. I think Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis need to get over themselves and reaslise we spring from one land.

May peace prevail in South Asian soon.

Farrukh Raza Rizvi said...

With due respect, your land Kashmir is suffering not because of partition, but because of illeagle indian occupation.

Ishita Kaul said...

With all due respect, the parition of India took place on the basis of relgious majorities. Various small provinces and states on the basis of religion had to acceced to India or pakistan.

The maharaja of kashmir took the longest time to decide and entered into a stand still agreement with India and Pakistan, at that particular point in history the raiders from North west frontir started to raid the valley and it was then that Mahraja turned to India and pakistan for help.

Read the speech by Sheikh abdullah, given in the assembly in kashmir, clearly highlighting the pros and cons of siding with India and pakistan. The end result is clear, he took the instrument of accession to the Indian government.

The Instrument of accession was signed by the maharaja and was carried by Sheikh abdullah, the leader of the Political party that was the most popular in Kashmir and to this date he is known as the Lion of Kashmir, to the government of India.

Your comment saying that it is due to the illegal occumpation by India, is not based on complete information and you fail to see the role of partition in the larger scheme of things. If it was illegal occupation, it would not be the case that Ladakh and Jammu that make up the princely state of Jammu and kashmir would ask for the granting of union terroitory status within India.

Hope you now will be able to see how the partition has lead to major conflicts in south asia..

Farrukh Raza Rizvi said...

.. thanks for informing me about my incomplete information. We should be aware of the fact that it is impossible for me or you to convince each other.
As you said yourself, partition took place on the basis of religious majorities. My little information say that in 1947 Muslims were in majority in Kashmir, probably 80% of the population. I dont know to which extent Indian Army has succeeded to decrease this percentage. Any maharaja has no right to impose his choice on 80% of population. By the way, was the maharaja a Muslim ?
My little information reminds me of the princely state of Hyderabad Deccan. At the time of partition Hindus were in majority in Hyderabad. The Nizam (ruler) of Hyderabad was a Muslim. He was reluctant to join India and declared his intentions to join Pakistan. Sensing his intentions, India launched 'Operation Polo' and occupied Hyderabad.

It seems as if you are a big fan of Sheikh Abdullah. I dont know what is the credibility of his popularity when in elections a vast majority of Kashmiri Muslims boycott the elections. He might be the most popular leader of those 2 or 3 percent Muslims who took part in elections. Along-with the 'Loin of Kashmir', he is also known as the Hand-Puppet politician of Indian Government.

Thanks for reading.

Ishita Kaul said...

To complete your Information, there were small states of sitara and gorakpur also that were annexed by pakistan just like India took over hyderabad, explain to me geographically, how was it possible to have hyderabad accede to pakistan when it woukd be totally surrounded by Indian territory, I am not a policy maker but i understand this much that it is not exactly a viable operation.

Secondly, Yes kashmir is a muslim majority state and do this day remains one. Fair enough the same leader that you are talking about sheikg abdullah, was the one who first initated the over throwing of the king, as they wanted a democratic government. Yes the King was not Muslim but dogra, a community that still lives in kashmir and is part of it, The kings of sitara also wanted to accede to India and those were not muslim majority states. At this point both India and Pakistan ended taking states where the kings more less had decided or chose to ignore them if they stood at a crucial location georgraphically speaking.

Sheik abdullah got accused to many things, mostly by the pakistani government. Its clear in their UN speeches. But the fact is the people still loved him and first got together under him. Omar abdullah that still takes part in kashmiri politics is only their because he happens to be his blood.

The issues here is not to convince any one but to enhance our own understanding of how partition played out. Descriptions became divisions. India and Pakistan inherited an enemity for on reasons. India still continues to struggle with comunal violence and caste politics. Pakistan on the other hand, can't stand Shia's or ahmadiya's in their land. Fundamentalism continues to rise and NWFP continues to grow out of control. Something like this didn't exist before partition.

Pakistan did to other princley states what India had done. Both tried to grow their power in South Asia. To this date, yes India managed to have more power than pakistan and continues to do so and most likely will be the next thing big things in International scheme of things.

But it paid a heavy price, parition for you may be good or bad, thats for you to decide but you can not deny the fact that the amount of conflict that has been present in South asia, cxan trace its roots to colonization and the face 'divide and rule policy', as i said before, being a mulism or a hindu or a christian or jain was part of who you were but didn't complete define you. These were descriptions, by the time colonization was over, description become a division.

Partition for me was never a good things, we alientated ourseleves from people just like us, who look like us, think like us, enjoy the same food, music and even dance.

Fair enough you believe that it was a viable option, but it didn't play out correct and the British hurried up the process and just packed their bags and left. What India and Pakistan go through is what the African nations go through, colonization ended and what happened to Africa it could muddled in ethnic and tribal conflicts. rwanda took place...

what India has to do with kashmir or pakistan with sitara or their reactions towards the shia community, hindu community and the Ahmediya community....

Both the countries are accusable of inhumane actions.. why did they act like that.. to me it works along the lines of partition and the insecurities that came from it.

For me partition was never worth the price that people are paying today in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Farrukh Raza Rizvi said...

thnx again for 'completing' my information. I appreciate your confidence level regarding your continuous effort to complete my information. I believe that information can never be 'completed', it could be 'increased' rather.

You mentioned the states of Sitara and Gorakpur. According to my limited information the state of 'Gorakhpur' is still in India. I tried to search the state of Sitara on net, and found it nowhere. Currently i am getting an impression that you named these two states just to spread misinformation about Pakistan. I will appreciate if you will provide any reference. Yes, Hyedrabad is surrounded by Indian territory, that is why the Nizam of Hyderabad also tried to declare Hyderabad as an independent country, but British government didn't allow it.
Is Kashmir also surrounded by Indian territory ?
As far as the distribution of land is concerned, it is an accepted reality now that Lord Mountbatten (your first governor general) forced Radcliffe Commission to divide the land in favor of India. The reason was, Indian leaders had accepted Mountbatten as the first governor general of newly born India. Secondly, he was a close friend of Jawaharlal Nehru (your first PM). Interestingly, Jawaharlal Nehru was a Kashmiri Hindu. Thirdly, because Pakistan was going to be a Muslim state.
If i would go on describing the frauds committed by British rulers and Indian Politicians with Pakistan at the time of independence, it would end up in a book. But it is useless to discuss it now, Pakistan has survived anyhow.

there is no danger to any minority living in Pakistan, whether its shia, ahmedia, hindu, chiristian or whatever. As is clear from my name, I am also a Shia, and as safe as any of my sunni brother. It is an international propaganda that minorities are unsafe in Pakistan. Western/Indian media always search for any tiny issue in Pakistan, and they start their propaganda. The exploitation of Shia/Sunni conflict is an international agenda. What’s happening in Iraq ? People are living there for more than a thousand year, they are of same religion, and now US forces has literally built a wall between a shia/sunni area. What is this ? Its an international game. In Pakistan there was no shia/sunni issue before Afghan war. This issue arose here after Afghan war, in late 80s. And now again we are living peacefully by the grace of Allah.
I wouldn't like to write about what is happening with minorities in India. It would end up in another book.

Let me have a chance to increase your information that Muslims and Hindus differ from each other in many many ways. You said that food, music and dance are same. Very wrong ! .. food is different (u know very well). Music and dance are important for Hindus from religious point of view, whereas in Islam music and dance have no religious importance. Dressing, living, art, architecture, language, approach towards life, concept of God are also different.

So many differences + The attitude of Hindus towards Muslim minority, are enough to justify partition. Your comment that partition created conflicts therefore partition wasn't justified .. well, in order to prove partition unjustified, India deliberately creates conflicts.

Thanks for reading.
Best Regards.

F. Zehra Rizvi said...

Ahem, I REALLY did not want to get involved in this conversation since Farrukh, I have a feeling that you are just going to call me a self hating Pakistani or something or make an insult about my parents not raising me properly, neither of which I would like to hear. I had to comment since you said that Shia's have no problems living in Pakistan. This is just not true. My family and those that have died in Pakistan, Karachi especially, just because they are Shia tells me this is not true. Are you really going to tell me that Christians, Hindus and Ahmedis have NO problems in Pakistan? I know all three groups in Pakistan and I can tell you they will be very offended that you are marginlizing and trivilizing their issues this way. it is wonderful to be hopeful and optimistic about ones country but blatant denial and pretending like problems do not exist is just not healthy.

Also, India is NOT Hindustan. It is not just a land of Hindus. There are more Muslims in India than there are in Pakistan (some thing that really worries right wing Hindus) and Ishita is saying that we share so many cultural things with INDIA. It is true, I agree, we do. Both my parents moved to Pakistan as babies. My father's family, when my mother cooks, say it is very north Indian food. I have north Indian features. Stand me in a crowd of people in chandni chowk in Delhi and I can guarantee that no one will know the difference.

I would have hoped that we would live in a peaceful world and Ishita began her comments by saying, why all the fighting, our differences are minor, we are all human and you are going out of your way to find differences and to make small diffferences into huge deserts that will be hard to cross. Is it so wrong to accept that we are all human and there is nothing wrong with loving one another and living in peace? I would have thought as a Muslim you would know better. The Prophet (pbuh) lived by example. We should emulate that behavior the best we can. Spreading hate is not the answer.


Ishita Kaul said...

I agree with Zehra, secondly music is an important part of Hinduism, but you forget, Indians love song and dance whether you are a Hindu or Muslim or any other religion, we all dance to the tunes of bolloywood and will show up for the Sufi music fest or south Indian music fest or western classical music fest.. The food that people eat in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh is not that different, if u want to claim that Pakistanis don't use the same spices in their food than Indians and Bangladeshis, then i don't know what Pakistan you are talking about.

Pakistanis enjoy music as much as Indians do. From the Pakistani people i have met they all love atif aslam, Ghulam ali, abida parveen as much as we Indian's do.

India has more Muslims living in it than Pakistan or Bangladesh. you completely miss the whole picture..

Yes Kashmir is not surrounded by Indian territory, and yes Jawahar lal was a kashmiri Hindu and the word is not Hindu but pandit, given to the entire community by Akbar or janhagir, i am not to sure.

the very fact that you identified nehru as a kashmiri hindu and used that as a way of pointing out that India is not good towards Muslim and not as a kashmiri shows that you do not know anything about kashmiriyat. Kashmiri's that is me, yes i am a pandit but to this date, i hold on to kashmiriyat, which clearly can be translated into one line, we do not distinguish people on the basis of their religion. Being Hindu or a Muslim is a description, not a division and religion for us doesn't completely identify you as a person.

I love India, i am not blind to the problems that the government has created or allowed to happen. But the difference between you and me is that i am aware of what is wrong with the government and have gladly showed up at protests. I celebrated the Day the The Right to Information Act was passed in India. It gave every Indian a chance to question the Government a and its doing. I never supported the Americans on Afghanistan or Iraq.

As far as I can see, you aren't interested in seeing any similarities between Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. You are only interested in showing that Pakistan is different from the rest of South Asia. The whole thing about media blowing things way out of proportion, I agree with you media does that, it has done that in India is well but i have also seen that there has to be something that has happened. Something exists at a small scale and then gets blown out of proportion but it exists.

I love India and will continue to do so, but the difference between us is that i will accept India with all its faults. I am not blind to the wrong doings and because i love India so much, i will accept those wrong doings and work on correcting them and making it better. Not play a blame game and say it happened because of so and so. Governments all over the world do wrong things and yes it is true the west gets away with a lot but getting away with it doesn't mean that the wrong didn't occur.

Partition happened yes, have people accepted yes, has it lead to conflicts among people of the same culture---- YES---

I rest my case... Partition has lead to conflict and will continue to do so, till the time we learn to overcome these minute differences.


Farrukh Raza Rizvi said...

well Zehra .. i m extremely sorry that u got hurt with what i said. But let me clarify that i was talking in general terms. I still believe that it is the duty of parents to teach their children all necessary things related to the identity. If a child's knowledge about his country, religion, etc. is incomplete, then who is responsible ? And Zehra, I am also getting an impression that u r more Indian than a Pakistani. It really hurt me that ignoring what is happening with minorities in India, u r trying ur best that Shias are under attack in Pakistan.

We live in real world, not in paradise. Issues are there in Pakistan, just as in any other part of this planet. But as i said earlier, international media highlights any tiny issue of Pakistan as if this country is just hell. I challenge that if Pakistan is hell for minorities, India is even worst for minorities. Incidents with just a few number of people, cannot be presented as an example for millions of people. I am a shia, belong to a typical middle-class family and Alhamdulillah enjoying life to its full in Pakistan. Opportunities are open for me to progress. Even my name shows very clearly that i m a shia, but i never felt any difficulty in getting the job. Currently I m working under my Hindu project manager. During my bachelors, i was taught by my Hindu teacher. Within months he rose to the position of HOD of our department, and within next few months he was the Director of our institute. As i said in last msg that the sunni/shia issue started in late 80s and ended in late 90s, and there was an international agenda behind it. Thats it. But i will again say, few unjust acts cannot be presented as a general rule. If something bad is happening in any part of country, it is not even 0.1 %.
The image of Pakistan that u ppl are talking about, is based on the reports of international media. Victimizing and damaging Pakistan is the policy of world powers. Come here, and see the ground reality.

Chandni Chowk .. ? Having the same colour doesn't mean 'zero differences'. But at the same time i dont want to spread hatred. Islam teaches the equality of human regardless of colour, cast, richness or nationality, the only thing that increase one's rank is piety. Talking about love and peace sounds very good, but i dont want to start another topic here i.e. how India is increasing its military power .. what for ? .. for love and peace ? At one time u r talking about love, and the same time u r storing weapons. Pakistan never started its nuclear program, until India tested its nuclear capability in 1974. Friendship can only be based on equality. And it is useless to talk about equality, because now its crystal clear that Muslims are under attack.

No matter how u call India .. no matter how much emphasis u give on showing it as a 'secular' country, whether it is India or Hindustan or Bharat, its for Hindus only. Signs of it are clear, its up to u to accept it or not. Many times i see the ads of 'Incredible India' and 'Shining India' on BBC, CNN, etc. and I enjoy watching it that how beautifully media is painting India's image. Why ? because its in the interest of west now. And India is trying to cash the situation in its favor.

Ishtia ..

again talking about food and music and dance ? :$
I am talking about the Pakistan that is located in the west of India :)
Please dont include Bangladesh with India for food. You want me to say clearly ? When i talk about difference in food, i mean that Hindus are vegetarians (i know that this trend is finishing now, but does exist still). Of-course there is no difference in the food of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Excluding the fact that Bengalis enjoy more sea-food as compared to Pakistanis because of the fact of their geographical location.

Music and dance ? .. well .. 'enjoying on a beat' and taking 'music as a religious activity' are two different matters. Its a long debate that how a Muslim society consider music. If u r willing to indulge in this debate, i m available.

Being a Hindu you may not consider it as ur complete identity. But Islam is the complete identity of a Muslim. As i said in previous msg about the difference of 'approach towards life', the approach towards 'life after death' is also a difference. On the day of judgment, i will be identified by my Muslim identity, and not by a Pakistani or south-asian or middle-eastern.
Yes i m not interested in finding similarities between Pakistan and India. The reason, when an Indian talks about similarities, he/she indirectly conveys that partition was a mistake and the boundaries are just imaginary. It is not accepted to me. Boundary does exist, and so are the differences. You want friendship ? .. i am also willing. But please keep yourself inside your boundary. Your friendship will be welcomed then :)

Please try to understand that there is a global agenda against Muslims. Things are not as simple as global powers are trying to show. Cant u sense that ?

I want peace .. i want better relations of Pakistan with India .. i want to see both countries progressing .. i want to see smiles on the faces of people of both countries .. i enjoy watching the batting of Ganguly, his off drives .. and i want equality.

Give respect to us, we will give even more respect to you.

Thanks for reading,

Peace :)

Ishita Kaul said...


I appreciate your comments, you have every right to your opinion. Unfortunately i make friends with people on the basis of who they are and not the boundaries they live in. I have friends from Pakistan and I have loads of Pakistani friends but with you i can only be cordial cause you don't allow room for anything that is different from your opinion and find everything else that doesn't agree with you unnecessary. You don't ask for friendship at all, you only ask for cordial relations and respect. That is not friendship for me. This will be my last response for this discussion.However, it was interesting discussing Partition with you and after effects.

I shall start with Music and dance and food again. I am an Indian and i love it and no i don't go to temples and dance around there and sing.

If you feel Hindus only pay emphasis to music or dance cause its part of their religion then you know very little about Hinduism. Kama which is the first principle of life on earth, means deriving pleasure from the five senses. The kamasutra unlike what many people believe is just a sex book, is not. It involves art, music, dance and a way of life. Its about knowing every single sense in your body and maxsimising your experience on earth. Then eventually giving up of each of these senses in Bramcharya, artha, dhama and moksha.

If you feel the need to be defined completely by your religion and not by anything else, then thats a choice you make.

Secondly, yes you have cases of minority rights being abused on both sides of the border. If Indian government has done so has the Pakistani. If you feel that India increases its military power then let it, i don't see why Pakistan has to jump every time. Pakistan has enjoyed great relations with China, it never killed India's hope of progressing. We still continued to grow economically and will continue to do so and Pakistan absolutely resents the Fact that India is getting ahead and its not. India does its own thing. Pakistan should do its own thing. Don't make a nuclear bomb because India has won. Besides India, China, America, Many European countries have it. This whole thing because India did it thats why Pakistan does it. I am sorry i don't buy. Then to me Pakistani government sees Indian Government as getting more powerful day by day and absolutely can not cope with the India of India getting ahead.

Yes you have Hindu's that have done well in Pakistan and India has Muslims that have done well as well. Both the countries have that. Bangladeshi food ,fair enough Pakistan may not enjoy seafood, India does.Secondly the whole thing about Hindu's don't eat meat, you are wrong Kashmiri Brahmins are born meat eaters and continue to be. Its only when Hindus reach their old age and closer to Moksha they give up meat. Other than that the followers of Jainism do not eat meat. Jainism sprang out of Hinduism but has different principles of life. Secondly you can not generalize anything about Hindusim, you can be a materialist and an atheist and be a Hindu, believe in three gods and be a Hindu, believe in only one God and be a Hindu. Hinduism consists of over 100 schools of philosophy.

The thing that you wrote about Zehra being placed in chandni chowk and difference still being there, I agree they will be there but the point is it that are those difference so great that we completely alienate ourselves from each other.

There is an agenda against Islam, I agree with you, I am not denying that. I have clearly stated in my last comment i don't agree with what America has done in Afghanistan and Iraq. I am not an enemy, i don't need any convincing by virtue of the fact that i have so many Muslim friends from all over the world with whom i eat,study, chill and party is evidence enough. Zehra is like my elder sister and i run to her for everything. I am distressed i ask her to pray for me, she is distressed she asks me to pray for her and i would do that for any other person belonging to any religion. I don't care. I love her for who she is and have lot of respect for her and yes she is a shia and a Muslim and that doesn't change anything. At the end of the day she is another human and a beautiful one at that.

I will still maintain that Partition has lead to many conflicts and the race to be the most powerful country in South Asia will be on among people with so many similarities and very few differences.

Any way it was nice discussing things with you. Fare well..


Farrukh Raza Rizvi said...

--> for those who have any misconceptions about Islam after reading my above comments .. I want to clarify that Islam teaches equality and co-existence. Islam teaches that if Muslims are in majority then it is compulsory for them to take more care of a non-Muslim citizen as compared to any Muslim citizen. It is strictly prohibited in Islam to force any non-Muslim to become a Muslim. Rights of minorities are the responsibility of Muslims, and if Muslims do not fulfill their responsibility, there is no excuse for them, such Muslims are accountable in this world, as well as they will be accountable on the day of resurrection. No way out !
And where Muslims are minority, Islam teaches them to live peacefully, contribute their share in the progress of society and observe their religious rights. If it is getting difficult to live in such a place, Muslims can raise their voice for their rights. And if they still dont get their rights, they can fight for rights or can migrate to any safer place. But Islam stops any confrontation as long as the rights of Muslims are protected.

--> I didnt say that Pakistanis dont enjoy sea-food. I said that Bengalis enjoy it more "as compared to" Pakistanis, because of their geographical location.

--> Again u started blame game that Pakistan dislikes the progress of India. Does India like the progress of Pakistan ? Probably India is the only country on the map which does not have friendly relations with any of its neighboring country. And i enjoyed the way you included India in the category of America, China and European countries. I respect ur wish.

--> I was talking about friendship of countries in general terms i.e. friendship between Pakistan and India.

.. let's see what happens in the coming Pakistan/India cricket series. Hoping for better Pakistan-India relationship, and an interesting cricket series.

Thanks for reading,
Best regards.