Friday, April 13, 2007

Back in NYC

But not for long. Home again for a short visit. I love that I can do that since home is not so far away from the rest of the world when in London. Direct flight, only 7 hours (though we hit a tailwind so a little less than 7 hours this time). NYC is colder than London. Not nice. I was expecting good weather. Won't complain since I haven't felt the NYC chill in the air in a while so it is nice. Plus, it keeps me indoors to get work done which I really should be doing. I have papers and such to keep me busy still.

The new stress in my life is going to be finding work. I hate applying for jobs. I might as well just put that out there for those of you who have not heard me yelling and bitching and moaning and complaining about it already. Yeah yeah, boo fucking hoo, z. Everyone has to apply. You just do it and get on with it. I hate doing it. I still have to do it.

If anyone has a job and wants to give it to me, leave a comment. Ideally your job would have to do with development work since I did just work my ass off and am in the process of getting a degree in it. Will take modeling job as well as long as you provide a personal trainer who will make me svelte. I think I would like to try svelte one time in my life. Might be nice. Or it might be overrated. Overrated, I think.

Happy to take a waitressing job, but in a French speaking country only, please. Need to get my French up and running.

Will also work for Arabic lessons (and kefta).

It might be nice to work in a kitchen store. Where they sell all sorts of dishes and kitchen gadgets. Though my degree won't do much for me there. Perhaps that is a retirement plan. Open up my own culinary heaven. I love pretty dishes.

I am supposed to be working on a paper right now (war to peace transitions and the next person on hearing that title for my course who says to me "you can't think of it as such a clear dichotomy, states of war and peace are not mutually exclusive and hard to define" is going to get bitch slapped. I go to SOAS, people, NOTHING is defined as what you think it will be defined and all terms are relative and especially the concepts of war and peace and violence and conflict and development and whatever else you can think of, it is all up in the air.

What is bitch slapped? Backhand? I can't believe I go to SOAS and I just said "bitch slapped". Wrong on so many levels.

I shall come back and blog since I am in the country (city) of free flowing milky honey sweet rivers of wireless internet.


Anonymous said...

don't worry will get a job...don't be so down

emma said...

Z - finally a crossing of paths. my world and yours through this lil excerpt on your blog. been a long time, though am always wondering how you are doing and remembering fondly your cozzyness.

i love writing papers and i love hating job hunting. two very satisfactory aspects of life. kinda reminds you that your self-expectations are high. This is good. because if your self-expectations weren't high you wouldn't actually care.


love emma

Byron said...

I would also like to add Embo that you too worked in a kitchen ware shop! Matchbox baby, matchbox. Personally I thought that's where the greatest combination of crossing paths was.

Meanwhile, Congrats on your new job Z. I won't ruin it for everyone else, I'll let them find out.

And good on you for using all the free wireless internet to update your blog in the land of milky honey sweet stuff (I would have thought that was Switzerland, whatever).

Iqbal Khaldun said...

Hi Zehra, thanks for your comments. Go right ahead!

Yeah I know what you mean re the Sir Salman thing. It's like everyone of us has to be a spokesperson for every other one of 'us'.

Next time George Bush opens his mouth I'll ask the next 'white' person I meet in London for an apology.