Friday, March 23, 2007

last class, last presentation

So I realize I said pigs would fly when I would get a MSc but obviously they were flying. and doing little shah rukh khan dances while they were.

Just got out of my last class for the term in which I had my last presentation to do. The econ class. I went in and asked a couple of questions, saying, this is why I took the class but I still don't have these answers (question, how can we merge econ and politics...the evidence since so much of dev theory works on empirical lines and there must be ways which i just don't know yet....anthro politics and sociology have not just qualitative but also quantative methods of assesments and how can it be when the world is so smart and tech where it is at, that we cannot figure out a way for the econ methodologies to move a little closer to the social sciences and vice versa? is it just academic ego standing in the way? Isn't it always just ego standing in the way of 'progress'?)

Don't feel particularily smarter now and in fact, all I realise is how much I still do not know. But I can articulate my ignorance. A positive in that negative, I guess.

Mostly I am feeling tired. It is intense, it is not over and I am tired. My brain feels tired but I am afraid and annoyed that I cannot let go yet since there is a paper to write, revisions to do and exams to take. And then a dissertation. Part two begins. HOW in the world does ANYONE sane do a PhD is what I want to know.

I want to know all this stuff so that when I look at it, in my brain, it is a clear snap shot...or even a combination of shots but some clarity. Still all habbar gabbar in my brain but that is ok. Time and revision will take care of that.

Ok, I need to go take some more stock of my life before I go meet people to celebrate the end of the course work.