Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Something about Jersey....

makes me want to blog. Obviously, something about London, does not.

I come here and end up going through all these lost parts of myself. Old photos this time. Some of which I pasted below for your viewing pleasure. Poetry as well. Old poetry for me. I don't know if I have read any new poems in a long, long time. But I like this reshuffling of my past and rediscovering stuff and reading it or looking at it again and brining something new about it to my head. Just read something I had written in 1998. 9 years ago. My god. I cannot imagine that girl the same way she could never have imagined me.

I don't know where I will be next year this time.

I am scared of blogging now by the way since two bloggers had to resign from the John Edwards campaign (Democratic 2008 presidential contender..he ran with John Kerry back in the day for VP). They had blogs that got traced back to them.

Maybe I need to go underground with this blog or I could be very Jan Pronk and not give a fuck...and there goes any hope of a job with that man.

I have been through three fourths of my course. A half term left of course work. One month to do a case study and cram for four exams. Then three months to write a thesis. Then a mad dash for a job.

As predicted, the economics class is a clear winner and the one that has made it worthwhile for me to have taken this year off and studied. I saw that as if I had a job lined up or offers up the kazoo. Did not and am totally paranoid that I will not find work or will find crap work. It is scary.

So many things I could write about, but instead, I shall go read and maybe let you all in on the impact of aid, volume trends, donor/recipient rationale and political economy implications of aid in Uganda. Once I figure it out, somewhat.

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Byron&Emma said...

Ahh, Economics, the "dismal science"; the sociological subject that likes to think of itself as a science; the subject of choice for intellectual elitists; the only subject that breeds followers whom believe they can fix all the worlds problems, if only people listened to their theories. I do miss my Economic days... :-)