Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Something about Jersey....

makes me want to blog. Obviously, something about London, does not.

I come here and end up going through all these lost parts of myself. Old photos this time. Some of which I pasted below for your viewing pleasure. Poetry as well. Old poetry for me. I don't know if I have read any new poems in a long, long time. But I like this reshuffling of my past and rediscovering stuff and reading it or looking at it again and brining something new about it to my head. Just read something I had written in 1998. 9 years ago. My god. I cannot imagine that girl the same way she could never have imagined me.

I don't know where I will be next year this time.

I am scared of blogging now by the way since two bloggers had to resign from the John Edwards campaign (Democratic 2008 presidential contender..he ran with John Kerry back in the day for VP). They had blogs that got traced back to them.

Maybe I need to go underground with this blog or I could be very Jan Pronk and not give a fuck...and there goes any hope of a job with that man.

I have been through three fourths of my course. A half term left of course work. One month to do a case study and cram for four exams. Then three months to write a thesis. Then a mad dash for a job.

As predicted, the economics class is a clear winner and the one that has made it worthwhile for me to have taken this year off and studied. I saw that as if I had a job lined up or offers up the kazoo. Did not and am totally paranoid that I will not find work or will find crap work. It is scary.

So many things I could write about, but instead, I shall go read and maybe let you all in on the impact of aid, volume trends, donor/recipient rationale and political economy implications of aid in Uganda. Once I figure it out, somewhat.

e e cummings

I am rediscovering poetry.

supposing i dreamed this)
only imagine,when day has thrilled
you are a house around which
i am a wind-

your walls will not reckon how

strangely my life is curved
since the best he can do
is to peer through windows,unobserved

-listen,for(out of all
things)dream is noone's fool;
if this wind who i am prowls
carefully around this house of you

love being such,or such,
the normal corners of your heart
will never guess how much
my wonderful jealousy is dark

if light should flower:
or laughing sparkle from
the shut house(around and around

which a poor wind will roam

Monday, February 12, 2007

What is up wth my blog?

Blogger seems to be trying to take over my blog. I am supposed to switch to something or the other and pretend to be technologically advanced when I have papers to write, books to read and exams to sit. Are you kidding me?

I wanted to come and blog and be a good girl about it, but maybe not.

It is asking too much of me.

Home right now for reading week and I found a CD of photos from July 2002. I went to Paris. Some photos for you. And I did just manage to send them to one of the friends I was there with. The other two will have to wait. I don't even know them anymore. oops.

This is what I looked like before most of you reading this blog even knew I existed. One of the photos is Han, Eric and myself pretending to be some contorted statue, Rodin style, another one of me through some doors, just my back though, another of me and Fabienne who is doing the tour thing and another one from below. I like the Fuck Evil part of it. And yes, my eyelashes...they have never looked like that and never will. And the last one of Fabienne and I in front of the thinker statue. I went to high school with Eric. Han I knew sine we spent a summer living together in Bklyn. Fabs went to school with Han at some point. She lived in Paris. Eric was living there as well for some reason so we saw each other. Han was there for some conference and I was just there. It was an amazing time filled with GREAT food thanks to Fabs who knew all the great spots and all the good food. My love affair with foie gras and duck comfit started on that trip. One of the fist times that I had different flavors in my mouth and thought, oh my god, I can taste each one separately!

I hit my pretty peak back in the day is what I realized when I saw some not so old photos. Sorry for all of you who know me now. But, man, I saw some photos from four years back and was like, double chin, a defined face, pre-smoker skin, etc etc.

Where is the fucking age defying face cream is all I want to know...

At least my sexual peak is something to look forward to. Please tell me that is NOT a myth.

Kisses of the rude variety for all.