Thursday, December 14, 2006

Oh My God

Anton Balasingham died.

What the hell is going to happen now?

They must have been expecting this.

From the BBC:

The senior negotiator for the Tamil Tigers, Anton Balasingham, has died of cancer in London, the BBC has learned.
A Tamil Tiger spokesman in Sri Lanka said an official announcement would be made shortly.

Last month it was reported that Mr Balasingham, 68, had bile duct cancer which had spread to his liver, lungs, abdomen and bones.

He was the chief ideologue of the rebels in their war against the Sri Lankan military.


My heart did actually jump when I read about it. I have no idea what the consequences are or have anything savvy in the least to say, I am just shocked. People reading me in SL, write me, tell me what the hell is happeneing. I want the low down from the field.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bits n pieces

Great isn't it, that I have not written in AGES and now all of a sudden, three posts in a row. Some with photos even! I feel like I should say something about school.

It's great. I miss work like crazy. Just saw Clody (all you Amparites know who that is) and she has been evacuated from S. Sudan and it felt so fucking great to see her. I feel like I am in self imposed exile, which I suppose, yes I am. Or not, Was I going to get work without a Masters? Work that I wanted to do, not just work for the sake of work. I think I would wither away and die if I had to do work for the sake of work and not because it is something I love.

I can measure how I feel about something by if I get out of bed or not for it. Amazing how my bed is the great equalizer in my life. I got worried that I missed a class last week, I just could not be bothered to get out of bed for it. These are dangerous signs for someone like me. I have been there and will NOT go back there again. It really sucks. My insomnia is back but I can handle that...not getting out of bed though, that is scary.

My brain feels very full. I have two more classes this week and then a nice long break with many visitors and loved ones gathered under one roof. Yay, that is what I like.

I feel so productive since I went to the library today and returned books, got some for my sister and the fact that I feel like I have updated my blog. Small acheivable goals. Sometimes, even that bcomes diffuclt and then you really hate yourself. Oh shit, that reminds me...I was supposed to go and sign up for my exams. And I didn't. It's now 1630 so the office is closed.

Won't that be funny? That I fail out of school since I didn't go to an office, take a piece of paper from them, check to make sure I was signed up for the right courses in order to sit the exams in May? This is the UK for you, by the way. They need you to come to the office and say, yeah, that's me and my courses. Great, I can now take an exam. What the hell is email for!??!

When I first read the email that said, come to the office and do this, I thought I mis read it. And therefore ignored it. Are they REALLY going to let me NOT take the exam when I show up for it? I am assured over and over again, Z, they will not let you take it. GO AND SIGN UP TO SIT THE EXAMS!

It all just seems very silly to me, that's all.

I need to go and read about Uganda. I want to write my diss on it. Any further ideas from you lot would be great since I need to narrow it down. Haha.

Photo, that my sister took of me when she was visiting in Oct. I was asleep and she was jet lagged, therefore, she was not asleep and thought it would be lovely to harass me into awaking. Which worked.

Will write on a more regular basis. Or will try and be better about it.


This is So overdue. I have meant to put up some of these thanksgiving photos forever and have been very bad at it, much to the latent chagrin of my sisters. Photos are in random order since I cannot really bother to fix them. I am glad I have this blog since at the end of the SL trip, my computer crashed three times (count it, THREE, all in the last three weeks no less!) and many of the earlier photos are the only ones I have from the trip. Unless we count the millions of photos I have of the fishing distribution I did. But that's work.

So, thanksgiving. It was lovely. 12 people around the table. New people. Last year, I was in SL and found five wild turkeys (I feel as if I have written about this but not possible since I had not started my blog as of Nov of last year...). I didn't find the wild turkeys though I had spotted someone's pet turkey in Sept and kept it in mind. Niluka, our admin officer and Sunil Uncle, my driver went out and found them. They came back so excited, and dragged me to my car (one of those big obnoxious NGO cars) and were like, TADA! And there, in the back of my car with the ER kit and other such things, five LIVE turkeys, some scared shitless (yes, shitless), one very surly looking turkey and two that were in obvious denial they were in back of a car. I am still not sure if Niluka and Sunil Uncle thought I really needed them alive for some strange autumnal ritual but whatever, we all had a lovely feast in Ampara.

And yes, it was lovely in London as well. I am still getting to know the people here. All this takes time. I will in retrospect talk it up. But for now, enjoy the photos.

Alrighty then

It's been ages, I know. The comments section on my blog is also now gone. If anyone out there knows how to delte just one comment, let me know. Because of one comment, I have removed all comments.
Posting first: photos for Billy boy. I caught sight oy myself smoking recently and Bill would always comment on how S. Asian it was for me to hold the smoke in my mouth. I think I caught the look exactly with my handy dandy mac's camera.

You can almost imagine I am sitting there with you, can't ya?

I should title this, Death becomes her. I really must quit.