Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Ok, not only did my home state of New Jersey recently say it was ok for gay marriages, we just elected a Democrat to the Senate. Thank God.

I should really tell people more about New Jersey but it is ony recently that I have come to admit that I am from NJ. I still say Brooklyn since I do feel like that is home as well, but that is more an adopted home. I was born in NJ and went to school here. I actually did two years of college here as well. Hmm.

NJ is a small state. We have the NJ turnpike which people know from the Simon and Garfunkle song. We are known as the Garden State. We have beaches, Atlantic City (smaller Vegas), Six Flags Great Gdventure, Hershey Park, Wild Water Kingdom, a huge Ikea, no sales tax on clothing, an ivy league school, close to NYC and Philly, sweet corn, awesome tomatoes, Thomas Edison used to live here, Kaavya Vishwanathan of Opal Mehta plagarism fame also grew up here.

We have also not elected a Repulibcan Senator since 1972.

OHIO you are redeeming yourself. It might be since gays are not on the ballot this time around. Democrats have picked up a seat there. They need to pick up 7 in order to get the majority as well keep the ones they have already. NJ is a kept seat since the incumbent won and there we go, one pick up and how sweet that it be Ohio.
Virginia is the big one to watch. Allen Carr of macaca fame going against this ugly guy but a Democrat, Jim Webb.
CLose close close race.

Another Senate pick up for the Pennsylvania...nasty Rick Santorum is out, THANK GOD. I am quite connected to Pennsylvania since it is the neighbouring state to NJ and I did live in Philly for two years. And all my sports teams are Philly teams. Eagles, Phillies, Sixers and Flyers.

Another Senate pick up in Rhode Island. Beat the incumbent. We need three more seats. CNN can hardly hide their glee. Neither can I. GO AMERICA, GO! WE can do this. This Democrat has actually beat a moderate Republican. An incumbent who did not vote for Bush in fact in the last election. Or for the war in Iraq. Poor guy. Chaffey is his name and he actaully seems like a nice guy. He's on the wrong team.

I hope the world is watching..well fuck the world (how American of me), I needed this. I needed to know that America does not really suck, it doesn't. The tide is turning and let's hope we can make this momentum and keep it going and make something of this.

Wolf Blitzer is an idiot too. I wonder if the other channels are also going ahead and projecting as soon as CNN is. Supposedly they have some formula on exit polls (which is silly since that is what we thought we Kerry and exit polls that he was going to win, but guess what, he didn't, which of ocurse lead and add credence to theories of corruption in elections esp in Ohio with electronic voting).

An exciting election show I cannot WAIT to watch is a one hour special where the Daily show with John Stewart and The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert will do a joint election special. I love John Stewart as I have said over and over and over again.

My dad, a Republican for most of his life but not so starting four years ago, just pumped the arm of the chair he is sitting on and said GOOD! This is not a demonstrative man but it seems there is a local race for the House in Pennsylvania that the Dems just won away from the incubent Republican.

I love how this is creating such an energy and a buzz.

Governor succeeding Jeb in Florida is Republican named, Crist. Perhaps his running away from Bush when he came down helped. Crist is the dude I was mentioning before by the way. I just figured out his name.

As of right now Dems are 45 in the Senate and Reps are 46. House is more complicated than that but Dems are picking up seats. 7 as of now, 6 from the Reps and 1 Independent seat. Vermont by the way seems to have a lot of independents and the cool thing is that Joe Lieberman who did not win the Democractic primary (he is of Vice President fame by the way, running with Al Gore in 2000) (The primaries are within party elections to see who will represent the party in the full on election)...So Lieberman, though a Senator for years now, did not win the Democratic party and lost it to what people are calling the first YouTube candidate, Ned Lamont. Joe decides to run anyway and goes on to win as an Independent. Here is what is interesting...more Republicans voted for him as an Independent (35%) than Democrats (25%) and then there were voters registered as independents (38%) and others who voted for him.

Lots of sports people end up running for office. Interesting.

Fifteen minutes left to the Comedy Central Daily Show/Colbert Report Election BONANZA. Actually they call it the Midterm Midtacular and it is LIVE!!!

By the way, for the friends of mine who are reading this in the USA and esp in NYC....I know I haven't told you im in town but that's because I am in NJ and writing a paper and thus not seeing or tlaking to anyone and I might as well be in London. I will try and see some of you though on my way out. So, you are not allowed to get mad at me.

Lots of scandals and dumb things have been going on in this race...esp with the incubents. In Florida we have that guy running away from Bush and we have Mark Foley who is still checked into an alcohol rehab center. He was sending explicit messages to male pages. Since then his aides have said, he is gay, has an alcohol issue and was molested by a priest when he was an altar boy. Not sure why that third thing needed to be added, but I suspect it was for good measure.

There was the John Kerry joke that backfired....basically it was translated to Kerry saying the troops were dumb.

We have Pastor Ted, head of the Evangelical Church national group, saying he was gay since he was outed by a gay prostitute who was having moral issues that pastor Ted was not cool with gay marriages. Pastor Ted also bought speed but says he threw it away. He has ties to the White House but now of course everyone says they don't really know the dude.

My hero and the love of my life is now on TV. John Stewart.

OK, it is now the next day and I went to bed after watching John Stewart....not very good, but whatever.

In the end, We have indeed taken over the house. Nancy Pelosi is making history as the first ever female Speaker of The House. We are still nto sure how the Senate since the votes have been too close and can therefore be re counted. Virginia and Montana are both up for grabs. Right now in Virginia, the race I am following more, Webb is leading Carr by 6000 votes. Carr actually thought he was going to sweep in and win this handily and also then run for president in 08. HA HA. you don't say bullshit like macaca to a minority, asshole.

I am excited to start reading news from around the world to see what the world thinks about this. Has America redeemed itself in some shape or form?


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