Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Vulgar American

London, I am coming in two weeks. This is what you all think about me...I love it!

Consider the findings of a July YouGov poll on the British view of
America and Americans. Sixty-five percent of respondents consider Americans
"vulgar"; 72% think American society is unequal; 52% take a negative
view of American culture; and 58% believe the U.S. is "an essentially
imperial power, one that wants to dominate the world by one means or
another." Only 12% of Britons have confidence in U.S. leadership.


Isn't that fab? Sorry for the long delay in writing. I don't even know why I have been busy with. Taking in oxygen, I think.

Congrats to Johan and Vero on their marriage. I wish I had a photo of them to stick on my site.

Recent photos of me. I like that the sun is blocking most of me out.


Anonymous said...

They got married? Cool.

Nice pics.

You wouldn't recognize this place - so many have left because of silly unrequired, non-existent document requirements. Fighting out in the uncleared area this week by the three groups.

It's pouring rain and has been for the last half hour. It's chilly at night again.

Anonymous said...

Z, you are one sexy mama!!

i love your hair.

- the other e. (how does it feel having 3 e's in your life. i'm the mma one).

Anonymous said...

ok and the part of my comment i forgot to write...

How so bloody typical of the british.
Firstly, is it not worse to waste so much time energy and resources on trying to convince the world that the british indeed aren't vulgar?
Secondly, they think the US is unequal? WTF! an interesting study to compare the disparity in the north south spread of infrastructure and development on this lil island versus that one.
Thirdly, the english are pissed about being sidelinied on the world history stage, and ...finally even less % of Britons have confidence in their own leadership so it's really not saying that much!

it's just swell being an australian.


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