Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rubber Ducky, You're the One...(in a million)

It is raining today which is very sad since my ducks will drown.

I bought 13 rubber ducks for a fundraiser for the Special Olympics. The 25,000+ rubber ducks are to be let out near the Brooklyn Bridge where they wil race each downstream to the South Street Seaport and there are prizes to be won. A million dollars, flight tickets, other goodies.

I bought the Quack Pack, where I got three extra ducks. I have been excited about this day at the races since I found the website ( and bought the ducks. Besides the one in 25,000+ chance that I might win a million bucks, rubber ducks racing down the east river have captured my imagination and excitement. Well, the rain is definetly a downer on that parade but perhaps it will clear up.

Send my duckies good vibes. Will post photos soon.

ps. The UK YouGov poll made funs of Americans (which mostly, I do as well), but they have websites for luxury rubber ducks. check it out:


alka said...

so how'd the duckies do???

Uzma said...

We lost at the duck races. I hope z puts the photos up soon. it's was hilarious. and yet so sad.