Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I picked up my passport from the passport agency since I needed new pages stuck into it to get a visa for the UK. I passed a firehouse on my way and looked around wondering why the fuck there were so many people there....

It was the 5th anniversary of 9 11. That is what happens.

I was walking around in my We Will Not Be Silent t shirt and it was not designed that I do that on 9 11. I happen to like the t shirt and it is comfortable.

I got some not so nice stares and I didn't realize I was wearing the t shirt and thought instead I was getting mean looks for being brown, walking around in daylight with my head up and not looking like I wanted to cry that it was 9 11. I also did walk through a bunch of people standing there and I clicked my tounge and jolted my steps impatiently trying to get through the crowd taking over the sidewalk, implicit in the clicking was : get off the sidewalk bitches, I have things to do, people to see, and your mid day frolicking on the sidewalk like well dressed vagabounds with nothing better to do than have your kids tour the firetruck is infrining on my busy and important life.

Any could be reason for the mean stares. Not sure.

The minutes before 9-11 5 years later turned into 9-12 today, I stood outside having a smoky treat with my sister. She pointed out the gigantic lights that shoot up into the sky like two twin towers where the towers used to be. We could see them from our sidewalk in Brooklyn.

Zehra: Wow, those lights are reallly bright for us to be able to see it all the way here
Appie: Yeah.
Zehra: Makes sense actually that they are in that direction. That is where I stood and could see smoke from the towers that day.
Appie: Really? You could see it from Fort Green park?
Zehra: Yeah...I saw the second tower go down on TV and Rehan and I went outside and the first thing we did was get money from the ATM since we didn't know what to expect and then went to the park, and on the hill near the memorial and looked across at Manhattan....helicopters, sirens, and lots of smoke. We actually found pieces of paper in our backyard, singed from an accounting firm, I think, and there was a fine layer of dust and ash on everything. We didn't eat the vegetables from the yard that year. Who knows what the fuck was in that ash.
Appie: hmm..
Zehra: hmmm

Zehra: Did we just have our 9 11 moment?
Appie: Guess so.

We clicked our cigarettes together and said cheers.

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