Saturday, August 19, 2006

Yay for my laptop

I am very happy my lap top is back with me. I was very sad that it had gone for repairs. I don't like blogging on anything else but this. Which is silly, but that is how I am. Besides my rush to want to blog, I am looking for London Apts like a mad woman. I think it gives me something to do and somehow, miraculously, I seem to think that I will find a place to live. A place which will be to my liking as in a nice space. A pretty, cosy, funky but not too funky space with an honest to goodness kitchen table and an honest to goodness kitchen. I have realized that a good kitchen is such a priority for me. What the hell? I haven't cooked once...oh no, wait, I have only cooked once since I got back from SL. Much to the horror of Appie and M who I am living with and who are used to me cooking up a storm. And they have a cool, totally equipped kitchen. I am hoping the cooking thing is not lost to me forever and that I will still want to. I feel the urge every once in a while. The urge to sit on my ass however and watch Appie cook instead is stronger. She is just so pretty while she makes my tea, brings me snacks and makes me breakfast, lunch and dinner, esp in the new kithcen which frames all her actions so I feel like I am watching a Food TV special, "To Z with love, Appie".

So some new things for you all. Ummm....hmmm.

I am less obsessed with Sri Lanka. Just as the fighting intensifies, I am less obsessed. It has taken 3 months for that to happen. So, in fact, it can happen that once you leave the Island, you leave.

There is a new blog that I would like to draw everyone's attention to. It is, for some reason, being fucked up and not joining the other blogs in a line on the right side of the page, but whatever. I am not a computer genius...actaully, I am just able, genius is a far cry, so we will just say it is being special and hanging out by itself on the bottom of the blog column. It is written by a dear friend who is the mother of twin baby girls. Check it out. I like it lots. It is brand spanking new and already, I am hooked. I am going to make the cookie recipe on there...even though it is for teething babies, it sounds yummy.

Also, an update on existing blogs. It seems Mr Byron Pakula of Melbourne Aus has time at work so he now updates his blog more regularily with weekend escapades which is awesome. I miss the Colombo Plaza champagne brunches. Ah well. Emma continue to diss the blogging world and maybe, if we are lucky, will write another entry before she leaves.

Alka and David's Romanian doc blog is more up to speed now. That is great news since there are some AWESOME photos on there now of their project. I love it.

Bill is still being lazy. No updates there since he is naughty and doesn't care and won't update his blog while the rest of us worry if he is ok. Esp with the country going to hell in a hand basket.

There are days when I wish my hair grew faster. I don't like it short today. I want to put it back and not think about it. It will not allow me to do so.

In all the listings that I respond to on gumtree, loot or craigslist for housing in London, I refer everyone to the blog. One woman read my blog and said we could never live together which I was SO amused by and emailed all my friends about since I thought it was so hysterical but it turns out that I mis typed a word and she ended up on a bible thumping site. Once I have found a place to live, I will post an entry on the wonderfully bizarre responses I have received from potential flatmates. I say words like flat and let now. Not apt and rent.

An annoying thing that I am discovering about LSE and SOAS is that ALOT of Americans are going to be there. And the bitches are all looking for a place to stay. There are some, and good for them I say, who already have places...seems they have been living there for a while but then there is a whole plethora of early 20's Americans looking high and low. Things may get ugly with all of us caliming to be less American than the other...

It's bed time now. My head hurts from all the apt hunting. It's fucking annoying.

Dear perfect place with perfect roomates, find me.

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Anonymous said...

hello there!
how do i contact you?? i have a room to rent (with own bathroom) in East London if ur still looking. pls email me
thx :-)