Sunday, August 20, 2006

Old photo

An older photo of me that I found on my sisters cell phone. Me in the studio when we used to the weekly radio show. It was great. We called it the banana chutney mix. If I had to hazard how old this photo is, my guess would be...2 and half years ago. I don't look all that different. Except for the hair now.


I was totally posing for the camera phone.

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Byron&Emma said...

Hey Z,

All is well over in this neck of the woods. Plenty of work and fun to be had by all. Even managed to catch up with Bill and Mark and Jeroen (who has left now!) and others in Colombo. I wrote a SMS to bill that said I want to have his children.. and his children's children. He was conducting one of those monologues (diatribes?) to his staff at the time, and the SMS put him right off. 8)

Meanwhile, I hear from my social planned that we are going to be brining in 2007 together in London. Awesome. Looking forward to that very much!

Take care, and as always, be funky duuuude!