Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lovely days in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is of course, as lovely as ever. I cannot belive it has been 10 days since I wrote last. naughty naughty Z. As most everyone knows by now since I sent out a mass email, I did get into graduate school and SOAS here I come. I was desparate to find a place to live, but for some reason, I am not anymore. I think I need to just get there and figure it out and it will be ok. If anyone thinks I am being unreasonably naive, let me know. Reasonably naive is fine. I realize it will not be cheap. I am looking with another person (met her on the internet, seems very sweet, will be in the same program and we are both brown!). I think this will work out in the end. Finding a place. It makes all the difference to see it, you know. And for people to meet and see you. My search so far has led people to my blog believe it or not since they want to know a little about you and I get lazy and bored saying the same things about myself, so now I tell them just to go to my blog. Ha ha. One guy said I seemed more cultured than the average smeggy London student. I like the word smeggy. I am only guessing what it means. It is my new favorite word.

The photos, by the way are from Brooklyn and today, my sis and I got into a car (we could have walked but were lazy about it) and drove to the Brooklyn waterfront since she very badly wanted ice cream and wanted only this ice cream. I now carry my camera with me EVERYWHERE which is very fun so we took photos, which was nice since the sun was setting by the waterfront with the Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge looking very lovely. Lots of tourists come there, something that I was not aware of and perhaps it is more now since it is summer. My most vivid memory of this waterfront is after 9-11 standing there and looking at all sorts of helicopters and water police people wizzing around on speedboats etc. Very bizarre at the time...well, still bizarre.

So, my sis was very happy with her ice cream, I was having a bad hair day, the evening was nice and cool and there were many tourists there.


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Billy said...

I like your hat, ironically, you look like yentyl or whatever that Babs striesand film was called. Lebanon is awful. Sri Lanka is falling apart. London had gone crazy and countless other 'low intensity conflicts' are coursing through the veins of this world. It won't get better and history will judge us if anyone is left to write it.