Saturday, July 01, 2006


Why o why my dear English team do you insist on fucking it up?

I was rooting for you. Slowly I am understanding the fatalism and love that English fans live with. No wonder you drink so much. And then fight and punch innocent people when you do.

American commentators are blaming the Rooney crotch step for losing the game for England. It was a psych out, basically. and Robinson sucks. As do Lampard and Gerrard.

The Portugal team is really getting down. Sweet. Somehow sliding around on the grass with no clothes on is fun. Grass splinters are not, but it's ok.

Ferdinand and Beckham look really sad. Ferdi is crying.

Ronaldo is hot.

I need to eat. Stomach very jumpy. I gave my hair to the cancer society. Photo soon.

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Emma said...

A friend just sent me this quote and i thought of you.

from the New Yorker magazine regarding lack of enthusiasm by Americans over the world cup...

"Soccer is the Canada of American sports, viewed less with contempt than with indifference."