Friday, July 21, 2006

Heat Wave

It's frickin hot.

I had a dream that Bill called 4 am. And asked me what time it was. I didn't know at the time since it was dark and I was sleeping. He said he would call back. He hasn't so I must have been dreaming. Perhaps I should call him.

I have been having strange dreams and I am attributing it to the heat. Normally I dream about my life, which is strange and mundane and I am not a big fan of it since lots of time I like to sleep to get away from my life. No luck.

I am not working today since I wanted to get this job application done, which I did!!! I hope they hire me. I don't think they will. That would suck. We will see.

I went back and read old journals that I have. Very fun. I love doing that. This is going to serve as that, by the way. But all of you can read it.

I added new links to the sidebar. I am supposed to be writing something for DesiCritics right now. I know what I am going to write. Desi, for those of you who do not know, means, literally native and comes from the word Des (urdu) or Desh (hindi) meaning country. It is now colloquially used to mean South Asian. I recall a time when my younger sister and I would taunt our elder sister by chanting desi! desi! since it used to be used in derogatory terms to mean villager, uncouth person (langauge tells us so much about culture, I love it!). It has been reclaimed like so many derogatory terms out there.

I wish I had a magic wand to wave over people I liked and it would solve all their problems. I don't and am not happy with the lack of it in my life. It's ok. Well, it would be ok if I were near them to give them hugs.

Ah well.

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Billy said...

I did call, I did ask the time and it was 4 a.m. I was in the garden 'avin' a fag.