Sunday, June 25, 2006

Three cheers for Brooklyn

I have been bad and not writing even though I keep thinking of things to write about but at least I am not as bad as Billy who has not written in FOREVER. I guess he has some leeway with the insecure environment he lives in. Not too much leeway though. Saw the England, Equador game today. Becks is too cute. Posh is so not. My weekends are lovely that way. I watch football. I try and catch the other games at lunch when at work, but it is not the same. Netherlands and Portugal on now and it's kind of fun. I didnt recognize some of the English players, but that is because I mostly only saw the Arsenal, Chelsea, ManU and that's pretty much it. Oh wait, West Ham, of course!

Fight on the field. Who knew the Dutchies could get so pissed off. Ha ha. I should be nicer about the Dutch but I find it difficult. Watching this on ESPN and I REALLY hate the American commentators who are so crappy. This will be a theme that I come back to over and over.

Spent a lot of time yesterday reading the Sleepless in Sudan blog, which is unfortuantely now over, which is sad, since it was really good. One has lots of freedom in writing when annoymous. I shied away from that big time and kept my blog more for family and friends to know that I am alive. Unfortunately, the work that I am doing now also requires confidentiality but I will try to endevor to talk about it since it is really cool and I am enjoying it. I have been, more than being reminded, I feel justified in loving people as much as I do. I love them. Especially if I don't know them and don't have to get to know them. That is effort. This is effortless. Lots of times I want to reach over and just hug the parents I am talking to, esp this one couple that was struggling with the fact that their son did not want to come home right after school and instead was hanging out with his friends till 8 pm (this was late for them, versus the other parents who were complaning about 2, 3 am) and just give them a hug and tell them, hey, it's going to be alright. You got a good kid here, just communicate. Since I am not a trained and qualified social worker, I am not allowed to say anything of that sort to them. I jus thave to smile and nod and remind them that I am not a social worker and I cannot answer questions such as the following:

How can I get my son to stop talking to his friends on the phone till midnight? (don't buy him a cell phone and turn off the land line)
How can I get my daughter to stop buring down the curtains in the house? (take off the curtains)
How can I get my son to stop stealing liquor from the cabinet? (hide it, dummy!)
How can I get my daughter to stop having sex? (lock her up)
How can I get my son to stop hanging out with his gang? (you can't since they will kill him)
How can I get my daughter to stop cussing at me? (stop cussing at her)
How can I get my son to be obedient? (beat him)
How can I get my daughter to stop calling the cops everytime I beat her? (stop beating her)
How can I get my son to get straight A's in school? (did you?)

It's a fun job and a different part of NYC for me. Later, I will be traveling to do follow ups with people interviewed before and that will be all over, which I am also looking forward to.

As the subject heading says, Brooklyn is the best and so, three cheers for Brooklyn, with it's beautiful people, great cafes, yummy desserts and food and outdoor events all summer long. (The above list really shows my priorities doesn't it?)


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