Thursday, June 01, 2006

La la la (2)

I am being lazy about charging my camera so therefore, I have no photos, unless I keep taking photos from my computer of myself. Wait, i do have one cool photo from that cafe I keep talking about, Smooch. As much as I made fun of it in a previous post, I like it. Good coffee and no one really bothers you and it is literally across the street from where I currently live with my sister. Everyone who comes in there ooo's and aaa's over my computer which is also fun since it is the brand spanking new product from apple. Everyone in that cafe and it would seem NYC has either an iPod or an apple computer. Bill would hate it.

My computer feels slow and I don't like that. It is annoying me. I am going to take it to the shop and get it fixed. Or get more RAM or shit on it. I should know more about computers, but I don't, which is sad.

I was a good girl today and went to the doctor for my check up and I seem healthy but this is without any blood tests etc. Those are coming soon. The docor was plunging his finger into my stomach and asking me if it hurt and I was like, OW, yes it bloody fucking hurts! You are jabbing your finger into my tummy! I then had to tell him if it was pain or pressure I was feeling since pain meant that I had to get my gal bladder checked out. I opted for pressure. I am waiting for a doctor that will not say a word when I tell them I smoke. You should stop. No shit sherlock.

I will stop. Someday. Soon, I hope. I would like to think I am made of stronger stuff. Perhaps I am not. Or I may surprise myself still yet.


Billy said...

Z, Z, Z, Z, Z- you know that looking cool (i.e. ipod and G book) is like a southern belle beauty contest- it grabs your attention in the swim wear round, but just makes you sad, angry and pessimistic when the contestants have to say something. You won't be able to speed up the ibook by putting in more RAM or 'whatever' as Apple won't let you get inside the thing and do it. HA HA as Nelson on the Simpsons would say.

Smooch is my kind of place, I want to hang out there and people would ooo and ahh over me because I'm lovely and cooler than an ipod.

I'm sorry your tummy got prodded and you felt pressure. It must have been nasty, but your gal bladder's OK, which is good knews.

Doctors have to tell us to stop smoking, they're like parents saying 'be careful' when we go out on the lash- everyone knows we do it but still feel the necessity to tell us not to.

I smoked too much last night at a TDH party. Why are girls so cute?

Anonymous said...

To torment the likes of Billy, that's why girls are so cute.

Z, we miss you here.

Anonymous said...

I'm not known as the brightest spark plug, but I have thought about this for a while and I've tried your suggestion Z but I don't get it..

I understand why "get[ting] more RAM" will speed up a computer.. but not an IBook of course because Apple sucks and won't let you tinker with the ticker.. but why of why would "shit[ting] on it" speed the computer up? I tried last night, while staying at Bills place [Don't worry Billy boy, Rama Sami cleaned it up].. and even though my computer was a bit stickier and smellier, it was definately not faster. So Z, please tell me what I have done wrong?

Cheers. Byron.