Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's day

I am going home to NJ to hang out with my dad...and then back to NYC tonight since I start work tomorrow. I think it will be a short day, like the fisrt day of classes. I am going to be put thorugh some training. I hope it is a short day since I need to get used to being back at work again.

So the Brazil, Australia game is on and we are at half time and because that is the case, the Aussies who serve us at the cafe are playing Australian music. Umm, you must have other musicians other than Kylie in Australia. hard to imagine that a country as big as that, doesn't.

I am hot and sweaty. I like it.

The USA, Italy game sucked ass. I wanted the Italians to seriosuly kick some American ass but they didn't. The USA fans in here, outnumbered by the Italians, were also rude and be fair, the Italians were no better but I would be really upset if my team wasn't kicking some American ass also.

Did you know that Lindsy Lohan needs to see a therapist since she has a shopping disorder and spends 100,000 USD shopping, everyday.

Where do you get time to do that? I can see that happening. I could spend that much money in a day..for about two weeks and then get REALLY bored doing so. I would buy things for people more than buying them for me and send stuff to my friends around the world since I have always wante to do that, buy outlandish presents for people, and shipping can cost a lot but still, it would get really fucking boring after a while, I think.

Things in SL are going badly. I am getting emails from friends, (thank you Vero and Elaine for keeping me updated), and even our quiet little Ampara town and district is seeing some action. Sucks. Inevitable. Just waiting for the official declaration on that one.

On another but still related note, all you out there reading this, if you got some good Sudan sites or contacts, pass em on to me. I want to go there next.

Time to drive to NJ.

Make sure you all wish your fathers. I need to write about mine since he kicks ass and is an incredible human being and father. I need to make sure I tell him today. I tell him randomly. By email, or letter since I like having that sort of stuff in writing.

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