Saturday, June 17, 2006

Copa Mundial

I love it. I didn't know I woudl be so much into it, but I totally am. The best thing happened this morning. I have spent the last four days watching the World Cup at Smooch, the cafe I keep talking about and is now my second home. I walked in, zero caffeine in my system and the place was jumping and everyone was high fiving me. There is a bond between those of us who have been camped out here and then the new weekend faces since it is Saturday. I have now made new friends. I like that.

I got the job, by the way, that I applied for, for the summer. I start work on Monday as a research assistant for the Vera Institute for Justice (google them and you can see what they do, basically, they are a research institute and come out with great reports etc). It will be a simple 9 to 5 interviewing job, working with urban youth in NYC (a group I don't know that well) and it is in NYC which is the best part. I was getting worried about vegetating on a couch or Smooch for the rest of the summer and now I need not worry and instead, look forward to Sunday brunches properly since I will have earned them.

I need to download photos from the London trip, esp this one photo that I have of EHB passed out like the drunky monkey that he was on some grassy knoll, various boyfriends of his also passing out on top of him, all in tail coats and waistcoats. Everyone should see that once in their life.

The Italy, USA game is in about two hours (Ghana and CZE on right now, great Ghana goal in the first minute and half), and this place is going to be packed with tons of people. If the American team doesn't start winning, I feel that they will stop showing the games in this country. Once we win the World Cup though (not this year, perhaps next time around), we will still not care since it isn't Basketball, American Football or Baseball which are real sports for real men and women. We will do this so that the world can hate us for our superiority some more.


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Durga&Michael said...

Congrats Z on the new job. Seems u are havin a good time being home/London etc.
I'm dying to get out of this crappy place I call home- bloody Australia is going down the drain!!!!! Ahhhhh!! Maybe it's just Sydney. Anyways, can't wait to see pics from London or Dorset or wherever u went.
I have exams next week- I'm seriously re thinking being at uni, actually i'm re-thinking a lot of things...
anyways, love u heaps. Stay Happy - inspire me.