Thursday, June 15, 2006

Back Home

I had a lovely time in London and Dorset. Thank you Emma for pointing out that I said I was in London and in Dorset. I meant the UK. I use the two interchangeably. I hate geography. Why all the boundaries, why box ourselves this way and categorize, points fingers etc?

Football is a good reason why.

After being inculcated (which I think I have spelt wrong) last year into the insanity that is football (soccer to me and the Aussies), being in America for the World Cup sucks ass. A few observations, comments, suggestions and random fragments of sentences:

Watch the World Cup on Univision (Spanish speaking channel) EVEN if you don't speak Spanish. Watching it on ESPN and listenting to American commentators is hell. Inane commentary, mixed with a feeling that you are watching a baseball game since they use the same slow cadence which is ALL wrong for soccer. It's just bad, bad and bad, but not bad enough to be good. The Spanish speaking commentators say things like Polacko...which I like. The adverts are better on Univision as well as the pre and post game go out to the Ecuadorian, Spanish, Mexican, Hondurian etc neighbourhoods and interview the fans. ESPN would get stoned if they went out there...or ignored.

Americans in NYC are excited about the World Cup in the ethnic enclaves in which they live since it makes them feel more European. They have no idea that Roo's toe was fucked up and debated about and fervently prayed for, for the last several months. How can they watch football in public and cheer on as loud as the immigrant sitting next to them? Have they no shame? It's a nice fad to be a soccer fan for now, just like having babies in Brooklyn is right now.

I need to eat my breakfast now while I watch football at Smoooooch. I love their coffee. And the fact that I can pretend it's Bill's house since there are people here who don't live here, eating good food that they didn't make, and there is a big screen with football on it.



Anonymous said...

I'm not emma...

There was a hartal in Ampara town yesterday morning, and after the police cleared up the burning tyres, there was a peaceful protest with rumours abounding. There was panic in the hearts of football fans when a certain INGO with a large screen tv sent out a msg saying that nobody was allowed over, due to security. I think everyone went to Clody's instead. The Chinese has a tv and they showed the game live on Thursday night, but last night they showed a repeat. Go figure.

Billy said...

I'm not Emma either. The USA will never win the world cup until you learn to call it football. That thing you play with the same name should be called- stop start game with 1000s of players, or padded pain, or strategy tight pants- but not football.