Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Who are u people?

Who are you people reading my blog? I feel exposed all of a sudden. I know that Sakina reads it even when she has Law School exams and Conny sometimes when internet connection allows her from Darfur and Bill from Ampara when he thinks about it and Durga from Australia and this guy on msn I told yesterday, and Fawzia Baji in Geneva (email me, I don't have ur email address and I think I am going to come and visit soon!) read it, but there is no way they read it four times a day. Who are you other people that my clicker counter thing on the bottom records.

Are you random people, doing random searches and ending up on my blog? What does one have to search for that? Brown girl? Words beginning with Z? It says nothing about SL in the topic for my blog and in fact, the topic is about...me, which you can't really search for unless you look me up.

Is anyone out there stalking me? Don't please, since I went through it once before and I really don't like it. Not fun at all. It's awful in fact and I was too young and unwise to have been stalked when I was. Ugh.

Anyway, who are you people? It's ok that you come to the site, just tell me who you are...drop a note or something...that is common courtesy you know. It isn't even like I have cool photos like Bill does on his website.

It is hot and humid in SL. This means I get headaches which I do not like. THe Zehra blog would like to be the first to wish Byron Pakula of Mebourne Australia, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY (it's Wednesday, May 3rd, and since there is still a half hour to that SL time, I am the first to wish him...this is a competitive sport in the Rizvi household and not one to mess with...who gets the first wish in is a delicate and practiced art).

So, Happy Happy Happy B day. I wish I had a photo of you to put on my site but I lost all my photos the day my lap top died. Oh well.

Anyway, those of you randoms out there...say hi.


Elizabeth said...

Hi. You asked who are us people- well, anyway, I got here via another Sri Lanka blog. I have a blogroll of aid workers and I was looking for more to add to my list.

So, if you are an aid worker / volunteer / someone in Sri Lanka doing good (Sri Lankan or not), please drop by and let me know and I'll link to you!



Anonymous said...

some years ago, i was in absolute awe of you at chowk.. i would read your pieces repeatedly and think keh koi aisae kaisae likh sakta hai..

now, i just really enjoy reading you.. got here through temporals blog


zo said...

i did a search for people whose names begin with Z. for personal reasons, i feel the need to stalk such people.
happy now?
polish princess

Billy said...

I stalk anything and you're just convenient 'cause you're usually sitting on my sofa watching TV or eating. Now that you're leaving I can continue to stalk you from afar, using my network of international spies etc. and the blogosphere.

I think the Polish Princess is awesome. You're writing's mediocre. See you tonight.

Anonymous said...

I came across this website as I was searching for the first person to wish me happy birthday. Turns out, it was my mum by SMS and I didn't need to use the internet, but I needed to make sure. You come a close second. Mums always win though - you had tough competition.

I like your pictures much more than your writing. But I also like refernces to me. Keep up both of them.

Anonymous. or Byron, whichever - I like both names.

polish princess said...

i wish i could sit on bill's sofa and drink vodka/cranberry while watching TV... or maybe it's time to get a life on this continent? so far no joy. instead, i'm watching the 2005 pride&prejudice for the 14th time. (see it if you haven't - mr. darcy is pure genius and colin firth's got nothing on him!!)