Sunday, May 21, 2006

Was that really just a year and a half?

I am sitting at a cafe in Brooklyn, across the street from where my sister lives. It's called Smooch and has one of those annoying menus where they are trying to be clever and cute. Yuck. I am not complaning since the coffee is good, and I am sitting on the floor in the no shoe zone, wireless at hand which is great. The only bad thing is that I cannot smoke in here but I will get over it. Probably better that way anyway. A photo of me from here since now I can do things like that with my computer.

So, I am deciding, but not till I get admission, but to go to graduate school in the fall. It makes more and more sense for me to do so. SOAS was lovely when I visited and in talking to the people teaching there, I realized that they would indeed be able to give me what I need and have been looking for in my further education, i.e. analytical tools. When I was working, I knew that I was making decisions that felt right but I did not know why I was making those decisions and my decisions were affecting the people I was working with and that makes me feel responsible be more responsible for my behavior.

I am back in NYC now after a short stay with my parents in NJ. My god, I love NYC. Hung out with a friend last night and just walking around, taking the subway, being in the west village and just feeling NY, was pretty fucking amazing. I love this city and more so when I am byself and just able to enjoy it and to feel it on my own terms. It doesn't feel like I have been gone for as long as I have. I was told when I was younger that this would happen....time would start to fly. It is.

Brooklyn still feels like home. Thank god.

All I have to do is stop looking for snakes to come out and bite me when I walk in the dark and stop being paranoid that I cannot hear the mobile I no longer carry with me. Ain't no one evacuating me out of here.


Anonymous said...

It's surreal to read your posts from the other side of the world. You should have been there with us waiting for the elephants to visit the temple yesterday. A futile wait, but a lovely twilight period nontheless. -e

Durga&Michael said...

AHHH!!! ohh how i miss u!!!
So, when u coming over to Aus?

Billy said...

You look more grown up in NY. I have a bread maker now, its very very clever and will make me happy most mornings.

Be good.