Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm leaving...sort of

So I was supposed to leave (would have been home yesterday, actually) but then decided to extend for two weeks to get my shit all wrapped up. I think part of me wanted to see what was going to happen with the country as well. Anyway, there was a farewell party for me and Camilla and Chiara at Nelson's house (and it was Tracy's birthday!), which since I was feeling anti social I didn't think I was really going to enjoy but god, it was really fun. We danced our asses off and I haven't done that in a long time. Helped that it was my dance music on my iPod. Some photos from that night.

Bill, Camilla, Chiara and Nelson.

Bill and Mark tear up the dance floor.

Me and Em getting down. She was on fire!

It's as if she has private parties in her head sometimes. She was on her way to the bathroom that didn't stop her from popping some moves.

Me getting down.


Anonymous said...

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Emma said...

Dear anonymous. don't contaminate people's personal space with your crappy existence and lame excuse for a job.

Byron&Emma said...

Perhaps Anonymous was referring to the extra cash you could make in the red light district with those dance moves, Em?

Or perhaps I will just sleep on the couch tonight by myself with one eye open waiting for you to dance in the lounge room and put me out of my miserty..

I think I should fly home now, quick. Someone here just doesnt know when to stop - and since Anonymous only posted once, its prolly me.