Friday, May 19, 2006


My god the difference that wireless internet makes on a fast computer! Images that used to take me an hour to upload just took thirty seconds! I am in shock. The culture shock always works in reverse.
Watch this space for more writing and photos. I am too tired right now to do so but I promise, soon, there will be writing and photos about my trip to Berlin and London and being home. I might even write about Sri Lanka, something I shied away from doing before!

Photos of me from my new computer, which I love. It's the new mac book. Check it out online at It's beautiful and I love it. It has this camera attached to it and this program caleld Photo Booth from which I took these photos of myself. The colors are correct. The setting was on thermal. I hadn't even showered yet since being back from SL. This is the down and dirty Z.

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