Monday, May 22, 2006

Big Pimpin'

I hope this comes out looking like a reel of photos you know you get out of a photo booth? Four in a row...that is how I took them. We will see. I am not as savvy about this and I don't even have dial up to blame now. I went out today and did take my camera and even though the photo would not have been in Central Park since I don't really go that far uptown if I can help it, I was going to take NY style photos for Bill and then firstly, my camera battery was low, OOPS, forgot to take care of that earlier and then secondly, I felt silly walking around with a camera. I never like to, which I know sounds strange to people in Sri Lanka since I would basically assault people with my camera flash whenever I had a chance but in NYC, and this will sounds awful, in a city that I call home, and I am feeling slightly out of place to begin with since EVERYONE is gorgeous and so stylish (which normally is not an issue but I haven't taken care of that pesky leg hair of mine and since I am me, I am making no effort to hide it either, and so sometimes, I recall to be conscious of it but in a posed blase way. Anyhow, so, yeah, I used to make fun of people with camera's and was not really mean to them before but certainly didn't look at them with any authencity at all and I don't want to be one of those people. I want to take nice photos and not furtive ones so we are at an impasse since I cannot look like a tourist in this city. Categorical refusal to do so.

So Billy, I am sorry about that. No photo of Central Park with two people arguing, a yellow cab and a hot dog vendor. Though that is all I saw today, just not in Central Park.

The sun was out today which means so were the hotties. Aw yeah!

I want to see a photo of BIll using his bread maker which he claims he uses and it makes him happy every morning. I saw Bill around his pasta machine and it is just a decorational object in his kitchen now. Can't even be used as a weapon in an emergency since it is bolted to the table. Unless you do a Hulk move and just hit the intruder (probably Ramasamy or his lover) with the whole table.

So, these are my new sunglasses I bought. In L O N D O N. Heathrow has some of the ugliest people I had ever seen and perhaps that was just since I as just getting back to the West and it was part of the culture shock. Edward claimed that most of them were probably traveling through, from New Jersey, but I think Mr. Public School practices a higher form of denial than even myself.

I just handed in me EOM so I am feeling a little giddy and really and truly done with SL. Except of course, all my lovelies that I have left behind. But you all will leave soon as well and that is how it works.

Did you all know that Indians and Pakistani's came to America sometime early in the last century? It's true and wait, I should write a separate post about it, since it is actually interesting versus the dribble I normally write. I need to get my sister to start talking about it again so that I can plagarize her thoughts onto my blog. Good thing I can type fast. Stay tuned.


Byron&Emma said...

You're in a different country.... You look different... but my gosh, you are still the same Z! Love it! 8)

I expect lots of photos.. make sure you head to your local mall thingymajig in NYC and get photos of Bread makers for Bill and big fat leather armchair couches with recliners for me (I dont know why, don't ask.. i just want one. I might go to google image).

P.S. Fingers crossed on ARC job for me.. still waiting. Down to two!

Anonymous said...

are you by any chance the same zehra rizvi who went to montessori school in saudi arabia when you were little (around 5 i guess?)

Byron&Emma said...

I'm not, but she might be.

P.S.Z. Will pass on best to Embo, and make sure she writes ya. Good to see you havent forgotten about us lonely souls over here.. just yet. Also, to let you know you are in good company, you may want to know that Gherard will be having final drinks this weekend and Patrick is heading off to The Big A(fghanistan). [Love the inter-blog comments]

Anonymous said...

It's gonna be lonely here without you all ...


Billy said...

Whaddayamean about the bread maker.. I never suggested I would use it everyday. Stop picking on me Rizvi in the open domain of the internet.

I still want the photo, bite the bullet and take it.