Saturday, April 29, 2006

Long time no see

I know, it has been forever that I haven't written and people have been coming to the blog to check me out. Sorry about that. I was leaving the country and then not leaving and my lap top died for about two weeks. I have lost ALL my emails for the last year which sucks ass and also all the photos that I had taken since Jan of this year. I am trying to not think about it too much and be all buddhist about it. Like most everything in my life right now.

I extended by very little, just two weeks since I have some work that needs to get done and we had the Tamil and Singhala new year in the country and everything was shut down for a week, something I should have anticipated better and prepared for, but did not and thus was not able to get done the work I wanted to get done. There were other factors as well which put less blame on me but there is no need to get into those at his moment.

So much has happened since I last wrote and there is no way I am about to cover it all. War almost broke out but supposedly it is not anymore. It is annoying since both sides are violating the cease fire agreement left right and center but since both have to 'officially' give a two week's notice to end the CFA and have war, neither wants to do it so we have a shadow war that won't stop. CFA is still on, both sides reiterate their support of the peace talks. It's ridiculous but that is what we are dealing with.

I am flying out of here on the 11th of May. Exciting. Lots to do before then, like pack which I am not looking forward to but it has to happen. Or I could just leave all my stuff here and not look back. Part of me wanting to do that. Clean start you know. It is fun to throw things out sometimes. Most times, I would say. Cleansing process.

Sorry to all the people out there to whom I haven't written emails in a while. Like I said, my computer was messed up and dial up combined with the immenese heat we are currently facing makes me more lazy than before. There is no AC in my office and by two pm everyday I am just one big puddle of sweat and can't really move.

Had a dengue scare that was self inflicted but I think it was just the heat.

Thanks to Zophia for the photo. Good segway to other photos to come, except I just lost all my photos. Will take more and start posting again.

Red Cross Day is coming. I hope everyone has an activity planned for this day. I think it is the 8th of May. Isn't mother's day coming too?

I need to get out of here!

Soon enough.

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Durga Owen said...

Hey Zehra!
I'll send you a few pics I took with you in the last few months.
Miss you lots and some what envy you. But it was still good to come home and relax a bit. Well keep in touch and I'll c u around eh?
Love ya gorgeous,

ohhh and Michael says "Hi Zehra madamaaa" hahaha