Sunday, April 30, 2006

Dirty British people

So, some time ago, we had dinner at Chris and Jess' (again!) and it was a mix of English speakers (and one Finnish speaker) and the Brits somehow took over the washing of the dishes, a process I witnessed with increasing horror as each dish was wiped. Exhibit A is the first photograph. Here is Clody washing away in a tub (Sam's bathtub) and she is handing the dishes to Patrick who is drying and putting them away on the shelf. Notice that I do not mention any...RINSING! They scoffed at me in a way only the Brits really can. The masters of scoffing as far as I can tell in my over exposure to them in the last year. The few Americans (we were outnumbered this time..well, at all times in SL since the US of A doesnt really let people travel out here too freely...terrorists and freedom haters etc), Kevin, Bob and myself were horrified to say the least and Exhibit B, Bob took the tub away from Clody and stuck it under the shower to rinse it off better than the Brits were.

There were Australians there as well. Not really involved in the process (well, Brendan was...he diplomatically and silently took orders from Clody of the tub full of soapy, dirty water) but the other two were busy chasing kangaroo's...I think.

I forgot to mention, the sink for some reason was not working.

We had turkey, it was yummy and as with all yummy food, a group effort (an A grade American effort, boiiii!).

I have NEVER felt or been so American in my life. I think that should make me sad, but when faced with the dirty Brits (who can complain ad nasuem about their favorite dirty people, the French), maybe it is a cause for celebration. As Patrick said at one point to stop my shrieks of disgust, 'Stop being so American and go smoke a cigarette or something'.

A good idea but I was having much too much fun standing there, hands on hips, not lifting a finger and being irate at every soapy dish that was passed and wiped and placed on the shelf. I think I did that very well. Enough to annoy every single person who was cleaning up.

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