Thursday, March 16, 2006

zophia has left the building

Sad but true. She has moved on to greener and colder and more european pastures than what Ampara can offer. Photos from her going away do we had in here. Finally a photo of Clody which she said she could tolerate. There is the cleavage shot as well of Zophia, Bill and Nelson which they insisted I take and then one of Bill putting on his mean face. One of me too which Bill took. I have no idea what I am doing. Either I just said something inappropriate, was about to exhale some smoke or was shocked by something Bill said. All are equally sound possibilites.


Billy said...

Man we are the 'beautiful' ones... and as Price once sang... 'the beautiful ones always spoil the picture'.

I want an can I get one?

TwinTopaz said...

We miss u at chowk




zo said...

hey hey hey! not much cleavage in the cleavage shot... must try better next time.
where are you now dear?? still sweating in the big A?
besos, Z