Tuesday, March 14, 2006

lazy days

I know I keep repeating myself now, but I am tired.

People are mean

and unthinking

including me.

so many times I think, man, can't this person just think for themselves and see how rude that is. They probably think the same thing about me.

It's that time again. I am going to shave my head. I always say shave my head but I don't mean bald. I have long long long let down your golden hair. It's not golden. A single strand of hair used to be. It was a combination of being bleached, being turned red, getting sun in Indonesia and snow in NY. It turned a permanent golden color. Just that one strand.

I went to Bombay over the winter and got them to make my head one standard color. I don't know what the french guy did to my hair. I never am very specific when I get myself 'beautified' or cleaned is really how I describe the process. I throw myself in the hands of professionals and see what happens. Same with the eyebrows. I actually hate when beauticians ask me what I want. I would do it myself if I knew now, wouldn't I? You are the professional, I obviously want something else than what you can see, so change it.

I am a little frightened about coming back to the real world. I hate that I call either one of the places that I live in the real world. Both are, neither are. Yawn yawn.

I think I may punch people in NYC. I can see it happenning.

No one was mean to me. I just started this post with that since I have thick skin and I'm sure people are mean but it rolls off my back. Thank god for that.

A better way to start the post would have been, I don't like people. That is more accurate. I bet that is what I wanted to say and instead of stating a fact, I went for the reason. I made up the reason though. Seems resonable. Truth is that mostly I think I don't like people but that is anti social behavior. Do I even care if it is anti social behavior...no, I don't.

There is no reasonable answer. I say I am a social person. It's true sometimes. I have a social and anti social pole.

I'm on the anti social pole these days.

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Fawzia Z Kara- Isitt said...

Hiya seskie niece, Nice to know rue working hard in Sri Lanka. Why dont
u stop by here in Geneve and visit me on your next flight back or from USA? Bring mom too...
By the way, u sound just like my husband does in the blog, he doesnt like people much either at times ...O well...Take care, Lots of love...Fawzia Zehra Kara-Isitt aka Fawzia Aapie