Thursday, March 16, 2006

zophia has left the building

Sad but true. She has moved on to greener and colder and more european pastures than what Ampara can offer. Photos from her going away do we had in here. Finally a photo of Clody which she said she could tolerate. There is the cleavage shot as well of Zophia, Bill and Nelson which they insisted I take and then one of Bill putting on his mean face. One of me too which Bill took. I have no idea what I am doing. Either I just said something inappropriate, was about to exhale some smoke or was shocked by something Bill said. All are equally sound possibilites.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

lazy days

I know I keep repeating myself now, but I am tired.

People are mean

and unthinking

including me.

so many times I think, man, can't this person just think for themselves and see how rude that is. They probably think the same thing about me.

It's that time again. I am going to shave my head. I always say shave my head but I don't mean bald. I have long long long let down your golden hair. It's not golden. A single strand of hair used to be. It was a combination of being bleached, being turned red, getting sun in Indonesia and snow in NY. It turned a permanent golden color. Just that one strand.

I went to Bombay over the winter and got them to make my head one standard color. I don't know what the french guy did to my hair. I never am very specific when I get myself 'beautified' or cleaned is really how I describe the process. I throw myself in the hands of professionals and see what happens. Same with the eyebrows. I actually hate when beauticians ask me what I want. I would do it myself if I knew now, wouldn't I? You are the professional, I obviously want something else than what you can see, so change it.

I am a little frightened about coming back to the real world. I hate that I call either one of the places that I live in the real world. Both are, neither are. Yawn yawn.

I think I may punch people in NYC. I can see it happenning.

No one was mean to me. I just started this post with that since I have thick skin and I'm sure people are mean but it rolls off my back. Thank god for that.

A better way to start the post would have been, I don't like people. That is more accurate. I bet that is what I wanted to say and instead of stating a fact, I went for the reason. I made up the reason though. Seems resonable. Truth is that mostly I think I don't like people but that is anti social behavior. Do I even care if it is anti social, I don't.

There is no reasonable answer. I say I am a social person. It's true sometimes. I have a social and anti social pole.

I'm on the anti social pole these days.

Monday, March 06, 2006

My Birthday Party

I was blind folded on my birthday and made to touch eight men and I had to guess by touching who they were. Thank you Vero and Johan for coming up with this party game. I got 5 out of 8 which ain't bad. I think I was in serious denial that i was touching one of the men and therefore could not guess who it was. This is after the fact yet my blind fold was still not removed for some reason. This has been a familiar pose for me and it is good to see it caught on camera since I had no idea how I looked doing it, I just knew that it felt better as if I could really hold my ribs in place or something. The other photos are of me touching the men of Ampara posted for your viewing pleasure.

It was a lovely party with lots of people showing up and having a good time, good music, lots of dancing and lots of presents. Yay.


I like these two photos. Took them in Colombo from my taxi on my way to the doctor. I am healing well for those of you who care. Week five has started and man week six will be great. I can sleep on my left side which has been the exciting news for week five.

I am chewing gum which I have not done in a long long time and it feels very strange. I can't seem to stop and it feels good but painful at the same time. It is massaging the inside of my mouth but obsessively. This might be the first sign of insanity and I can't really recognize it. Or even better, I am in denial.

I am going to Thailand. Very exciting. OK...These two photos have downloaded. Time for others.