Saturday, February 04, 2006

why it got to hurt?

So yeah, it was more than 9 feet. More like 15 feet. Well, this is according to Patrick, my witness, who went back and saw the tree. I also did eventually make it to the doctors office and I have five fractured ribs. Not much you can do about it but just grit your teeth and get through it...which is what I am doing. I am so not a bed rest person and in fact, it is driving me crazy to be grounded like this.

I feel better everyday. It's slow but at least it is something if I can move an inch more everyday and I am happy about that. The first bruise has shown up (I may just have this one bruise...cannot imagine that others will show up so much later now but if they do, man, it will be intense) the first bruise. Impressive looking. It's in the yellow purple stage right now and it going to ripen into a nice black and blue it seems. Contrary to popular belief...or Bill's belief I should say, brown girls have bruises that can be seen.

I have had this post started for the last several days and have just not posted it. will do so now and write more later.

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