Sunday, February 12, 2006

week two

Now that I am on week two of my recovery and I can move more and have more energy since oxygen is getting to my brain and body since I can breth properly again, thought I would update my blog with photos from the last two weeks or so.

Going to Colombo was quite the adventure. It ended up that there was six of us in the car with tons of luggage. Three french people of course made the journey more complicated than it should have been (according to the German, Gerhard and the American, me) but it was fun nonetheless.

This first photo is of me and Vero with Johan in the background.
These were the happy days when I was a healthy young woman with full body movement even though I was in a moving vehicle which normally makes me sick.

I should stop complaining since really, I have been lucky and everyday I do feel better. It does not help that I have a cold now which means I am coughing and sneezing which is painful as all hell. I am afraid to get to the point, which will happen, that my recovery will plateau and I will just feel half OK for a week or two before something kicks back into place to feel normal again. My muscles are all still cramped up and that is going to be the pain that is going to stay with me for a while.

Sadly, the internet and blog site are being bad and won't let me paste several pictures at one time so I will have to do this one by one....again.

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