Friday, February 17, 2006

fishy fish

Here I am doing my FIRST distribution to the fishermen here in Ampara. The guy standing next to me on the right hand side is the Field Officer that I have worked with the longest and is my favorite, probabaly since we have worked very closely together these past 9 months and he knows what I mean when I talk. His name is Suthan and the boy is smart as hell and I can totally trust him to get what I need done, done. The big ceremony handing over the boats will be on Sunday so more photos coming soon!

Another cool photo since the beneficiaries helped unload the boats. I had to ask them to do so since we were on a time schedule and they were content letting two malnourished boys do it while they smoked, chatted with me and Cristhian and stood in the shade. If my ribs werent broken I would have gone there and started unloading myself but since carrying the king coconut I was given to drink was heavy enough and made me hurt, I decided against it. That is usually what I do....if you want something done, do it yourself and shame people into doing it themselves. Has worked so far especially since I work mostly with men and for them a brown small girl working is an affront to their manhood. As long as it gets done, I don't care how I gots to do it. It's also the if I can do it, you can fucking bloody well do it too.

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