Sunday, February 19, 2006

The distribution

WE had the distribution today. At the sea side. It was lovely. I am exhausted. The roads were bad getting there and hurt me but overall, it was lovely, well attended etc. Good photos which is what my job comes down to sometimes even though i try and ignore that as much as I possible can. I would say in the 9 months I have been working, I have avoided the photo thing but I need to show the donors something, so tada, I have photos now. Thanks to Kerstin for handling the camera since I had to be running around.

This is how we had to transport the boats to the coast all the way from Colombo.

Me trying to be bossy in the beginning...which isn't too hard.


Uzma said...

Shiny new boats. These are beautiful photographs. I'm glad the boat distribution went well. You done good babe. real good.

It's also good to see you walking around and stuff -- and of course, everything is fine, since you're back to bossing everyone around... wonder where you got that from?

cheeky monkey.

Saks said...

Z, you totally remind me of amee in that picture! and a bit of appie. its weird, in a good way of course.

appie, i take it that since you're back to being the cheeky monkey, you're doing better too! :P

the cheekiest monkies,

Saks said...

btw have you noticed how we respond in the sister tones and not the adult versions of our comments.. we should really have more intelligent things to say about the good relief work that you're doing, but I cant help it since law school is forcing me to think about being a crackhead! appie whats ur excuse :P hehheh.