Sunday, February 12, 2006

bed ridden me

Second photo is a sad photo that Vero took of me. It is the morning after photo. I was immobile and in bed obviously, the left side of my face swollen, twigs and crap still in my hair and possibly, probably, still in some state of shock. Well, looking at the maniacal look on my face, definitely some sort of shock. Nice of Vero to grab my camera and take a nasty picture of me for posterity's sake. We were waiting for the doctor to show up and examine me. Speaking of which, he was crazy. When I did make it to the hospital three days later and he called to see how I was and I told him I had fractures, he claimed it was impossible since his clinical examination of my did not reveal this. Fuck the x-ray's that claim otherwise, according to him I should have been yelping with pain if I had fractures. When he began to examine me, I did tell him I have a high level of pain tolerance but I guess since I am a woman and brown at that, he didn't believe me. He annoyed me not just for this raeson but his wanting to massage me all the time. Naked. He would let his hand rest of the side of my brest and not fondle me but not be professional about it either. His comments to me weren't that wonderful either but I no longer have to deal with him and I was too tired and in too much pain to deal with him at the moment, so that is that.

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