Monday, January 30, 2006


Trees are pretty and I will never again climb one. I just fell 9 feet from one and was very lucky to not have died or paralyzed myself or broken something. Just bruised and hurt. It was pretty up in the tree.
It sucks to now have limited mobility which I am told will get better over the next month but I have no idea what to do with all the energy I do have since now I have no way to expend it. It also hurts to breath and that too sucks.

my friend Yusufi just started a blog and when I can will link his blog up to mine. It's called, we live in a political world and his two posts end on sombre tones. He is currently in Damascus and it's interesting what he has written and I am not saying that everything should be seen from rose colored glasses, absolutely not and that is not the way that I see the world but still, a little bit of a positive attitude can go a long way. Or atleast I think it can.

I need to take some painkillers.
More later.

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