Friday, January 13, 2006

the monsoon really is here

the photo credit goes to Elaine from UNICEF, im not sure if she took these photos but she sent them to all of us here. it is pissing down rain everyday. as a south asian, there has always been a romance attached to the rain for me, but man, this is crazy...and it has just started. as a child, my memory of rain is the one time it rained in karachi, pakistan. it was an exciting time and my sisters and i went out in the rain which is the still the first reaction i have when it starts to rain...i want to go stand outside and get soaked. american rain should have cured me of that because it's cold and nasty, but it has not. there are too many songs, too much poetry attached to it for me.
i've had some lovely rain moments in ampara...there was playing frisbee in the rain but that was a little uncomfortable since my shirt was see thorugh but i was wearing a bikini top, still bikinis top are reserved for Arugam Bay and not main street Ampara town. it was lovely though. and more recently, after a party which i wasnt expecting to enjoy and i did i was walked home in the rain. good conversation, good company and the rain...a wonderful conclusion to a drunken night. i could have continued walking and talking soaked but that wouldnt have been fair to my escort. or to my camera and iPod.
mostly, it is a pain since it stops projects and all i want to do is curl up with a book and stay in bed but can't really do that.
people laughed at me when i bought boots. leather ones. camper. i love them and i have dry feet so who's laughing now.

they look good too.

i like fashion but that is a whole other post for a later time.

it's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring.

i dont know where that is from. anyone know? we used to say it when we were younger. we used to say a lot of weird things.

we still do.

i wish i could remember how old i was when i stopped calling toothpaste, cavities. i have memories of calling it cavaties. i dont recall feeling confusion that my signifier had to change for the signified. perhaps i wasn't that curious of a child. isn't everything technically supposed to be curious to a child and thus the normal state of curiosity just becomes one of complacency? i wasn't a child who always asked why. at least i dont think i was.

i've tangented. that is normal.

i feel gentle tonight and therefore, the rain is pretty to me in this moment.

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