Tuesday, January 24, 2006

moms and fones

I just had a conversation with my mother who is a million miles away who wants to know what makes me happy and when I tell her my job she wants to know when I will get married and at the same time warns me to not just marry some random man. There is something endearing about it.

I cannot believe I just had a conversation where at one point I said, I'm not 15, but 28. That is something a 15 year old would have said.

Oh man.

I love my mom. I look very much like her. Chooti Nishat(mini Nishat) people used to call me. We have a very cool realtionship actually where I decided that unlike other South Asian parents and kids, I was actually going to tell my mother about my life. I do. It is NOT easy for either of us but we live with and try to be as honest to each other as possible.

Sometimes, it is not about honesty but about respect and knowing what a person can hear and what they cannot hear. Well...that is kind of wrong actually. Respect is when you can trust that the person can hear anything you have to tell them and can deal with it. Not to shield people you love from things about yourself. I am one of the lucky people who has unconditional love from family. It did come with work but it is there. Thank god.

Doesn't really make my life easier but it does keep it interesting since I have no idea how long it will be between conversations till my mom will randomly start on a topic that I know she has steeled herself for.

I always miss her hands the most.

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