Tuesday, January 17, 2006

la la la

People are cutting and burning each other. that's all i really want to say about Ampara today. i dont like it.

so, i seem to be having conversations with people about things i've been writing about on my blog. that's nice. they've never read my blog but perhaps there is something in the air that makes us all want to think and talk about the same things. i wonder how that works into jared diamonds 'guns germs and steel' theory.

so, im grappling with the idea, gently of course for now, that i might be evil. i like yelling at people. i get such a kick out of hauling peoples asses into gear. i dont know if that is a sick thing or not. i came out of a meeting today that i went into grumpy and sleepy and walked out refreshed and on fire. this was not the contingency planning meeting but another one. what gets me going is knowledge. i love information. i am living foucaltian theory. knowledge is indeed power. how smart he was. i wonder if other people were thinking the same thing when he was actually recording and writing it, which is of course the important part of all of this. recording and writing it down since not all of us are Homers. Doh!
but seriously, the first time i encountered foucault, he annoyed the shit out of me since i couldnt pin him down to anything and this whole knowledge is power thing i thought was a cute catch phrase. how stupid i was. nothing is more powerful.

and i love it.

ok, so what photo for today...hmmm. ok, one of my new favorites of my younger sister who i think looks totally hot in this photo because she is. this is from when she was in karachi, just recently, hanging out with her friends who all somehow became celebrities. i havent kept up with pakistan but my other paki friends confirm, that yes, they are indeed celebrities. and good at what they do...(musicians). no photos of the celebs. their music is really good though. check out noorie, a paki rock band. i think its rock. i suck at being a good older sister who keeps up with everything in her sisters life. she is too jet set for me.

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