Tuesday, January 10, 2006

i love blogging

I will keep coming back to this theme but omigod! i love it. i just showed my boss my page and besides the objection to the picture, he seems interested in starting his own. i was introduced to this blogsite by my friend Bill Barkle by the way...i shoud link his blog to my site. I will shortly.
a short word on some of the websites that i have now linked to my blog...

chowk is a south asian webzine that i used to be very active on but not these days and i like the stuff on there for the most part. the interesting thing about the website is that you can interact directly with the writers and others who want to take part in the discussion and often times, the discussions are much more interesting than the writing posted. i would recommend checking out the writers: rehan ansari, shandana minhas, veeresh malik and pervez hoodbhoy.

islamica news is just awesome and i wish the islamica crew would update it more often but it is like the onion, a spoof on news. they have a wicked sense of humor and even if you arent muslim, its funny. if you are muslim (or grew up as one), it is a welcome addition to the progressive cause.

David Rees is a cartoonist and his get your war on and my new fighting technique is unstoppable are post 9 11 jewels. i like him lots and his website is weird but once you get used to it, it's good funny stuff.

The other stuff you can explore on your own. craigslist was my lifesaver when i lived in NYC and needed anything. i found roomates on there and then an apartment in paris for a week. it's for different cities in the world.

let me know if anyone has a website that they would recommend to add a link to my blog and if people have blogs that they would like me to add to my site...

i will add a photo of one of the aforementioned monkeys that i took recently from my office window just cuz now i have figured out how to do so...but only one photo at a time which is a pain but dial up beggars cant be choosers.

i was actually waiting with my camera to catch a picture of a monkey frying itself on an electrical wire but as Veronique keeps telling me, these monkeys are very smart....too smart....unfortunately, not too smart enough for their own good otherwise we could have had grilled/smoked monkey for dinner.


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